Friday, March 14, 2008

The Watcher's Council Has Spoken - 14 March 2008

The results have been tallied by the Watcher and the winners this week are:


This weeks winner by a nose was my post, Change & The Cessation of British History. Britain has been a laboratory for socialism over the past half century. It has ended with a dispirited country ashamed of its history and quietly allowing its democratic traditions and values to be cast aside as the socialist Labour government votes to transfer the country's sovereignty to the EU without any vote of the people.

Coming in second was Big Lizards with an excellent post, Californichusetts, a look by the Lizard at the effort to have California courts declare a constitutional right to same sex marriage under the state's equal protection clause. But the concept of marriage between "breeders" is, as BL notes, a pillar of society and, as BL advocates, it is time to "stand athwart history and yell 'STOP.'"

This was a rare week that my choice for first place did not come in either first or second place. My choice for top spot went to The Glittering Eye for The Cook County Fiscal Mess. Its tough to make a post on an economics issue brief, clear and interesting. GE did all three with his post and for his efforts took my top choice this week.

On the Non-Council posts, lapping the pack in first place was Michael Yon's fascinating Guitar Heroes. The race for second place was a tie among An Empty Revolution by Foreign Affairs, The Tragedy of the Democratic Party at American Thinker, and The High School Massacre at

Do visit the Watcher of Weasels for the entire results of the week's voting.

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