Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spitzer, FISA And Our National Priorities

Spitzer got in bed with a prostitute and paid with his money. Our House Democratic leadership are far worse. They are in bed with trial lawyers and they are paying them with our money - and degrading our national security in the process.


The telecommunications industry cooperated with the requests of our intelligence agencies in the wake of 9-11. For their trouble, they received no money. Instead, they have been served with class action lawsuits asking for $40 billion in damages. What makes this matter worse is that our intelligence agencies must, in any case, work closely with our telecommunications industry in order to effectively pursue intelligence. It goes without saying that such cooperation will not come willingly if the industry must pay out $40 billion. And our national intelligence leadership are adamant that such cooperation is necessary.

And let's be realistic about this. The costs of litigation are not simply eaten by a corporation. They are a business cost and, ultimately, they get paid by every one of us that uses those services. Meanwhile, in class action law suits, the only people that get any substantive money are the lawyers.

So what do you think of elected representatives who would screw our intelligence collection capabilities and screw we, the consumers, in order to pay one of their discrete special interests. Give me Spitzer any day. At least he only screwed a prostitute and paid for it with his own money. What adds insult to injury is that there is sufficient bipartisan support in both the Senate and the House to pass the FISA reform bill to return our intelligence collection capabilities to what they should be and to grant immunity to the telecom entities that cooperated with our intelligence agencies.

Read the whole sordid story here. Then if you want to read something more family oriented and wholesome, you can go back to reading about Spitzer.

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