Thursday, March 13, 2008

Interesting Posts From Around The Web - 13 March 2008

Interesting posts from around the web, all below the fold:


Art: Sisyphus, Vecellio Tiziano, 1549

A Rose By Any Other Name: A fallen hero.

Dinah Lord: Kidnapped Iraqi Archbishop found dead.

The Transatlantic Conservative: John McCain and the Pledge of Allegiance. Its quite a moving story.

Classical Values: "Wright is raw. Obama is smooth. Different sales pitch. Same product." Watch the video.

Ironic Surrealism: Much more on Obama’s racist Reverend Wright.

Q&O: Hillary gets fact checked with predictable results.

The New Editor: Per Instapundit, Hillary plays the Dork Card.

Winds of Change: Evaluating Geraldine Ferarro’s comments on Obama.

Redstate: Quid pro crook - Obama, earmarks, and his wife’s salary.

This Ain’t Hell: Code Pink suffers mission failure . . . and yes, that dress makes you look fat.

Red Alerts: The good and bad news about the economy from an interview with legendary economist Anna Schwartz, who co-authored the revolutionary "Monetary History of the United States" with Milton Friedman.

A Western Heart: Our economic woes are wholly self-inflicted. This is not the normal business cycle.

Vast Rightwing Conspiracy: Obama pulls a Kerry on the issue of mail in voting.

The Irish Elk: "Ho No," it’s a good Spitzer round-up.

An Englishman’s Castle: The UK has granted an asylum to a rouge’s gallery of people who have no business in the West whatsoever. Now, in the case of a young gay man from Iran who faces execution for his homosexuality, where there should be no question that asylum is appropriate, the UK is inexplicably dragging its feet.

Fulham Reactionary: Indeed, as to illegal immigrants, it seems but for the odd Iranian homosexual, the police aren’t even really trying anymore.

Seraphic Secret: Israel releases its annual intel report and Iran puts a bounty on Irsraeli leaders.

Shrinkwrapped: Has Israel lost the will to live?

The Shield of Achilles: I thought this was answered several millenia ago. Should incestuous marriages be declared illegal?

Liberty Corner: Taking on the arguments against teaching intelligent design.

Sigmund, Carl & Alfred: PC Manspeak. Heh.

The Dhiveistan Report: "[T]he penis of the Elected never softens, the erection is eternal. The sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious . . ." Surprisingly, this is not out of Eliot Spitzer’s journal. It is more insidious than that.

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