Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Normal Blogging to Resume Thursday March 27

I do apologize to the few who read this blog. Have hit a major storm at work, plus company, plus planning and executing an 80th birthday party for my mother. Will resume blogging again on Thursday.


KG said...

That's a relief! I thought you were maybe taking an extended break.
The daily fix of Wolf is safe, then?

Freedom Fighter said...

The few, the proud, the Wolf Howling fans....nice to know you'll be back and at full steam shortly!


suek said...

Ditto the above comments. Glad you're well.

Ehhhhh...as a woman who is getting up there - though not yet approaching the ripe age of 80 - is the celebration your mother's wish? or that of her children? maybe less emphasis on the 80th part, and more on the joy of children and grandchildren...
Somehow, I suspect that if I get to that point, an organized week of visits with individuals might be preferable to a big bash...!

Whatever, good health to her. May she enjoy another 10 years at least with sound mind and sound body.