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Interesting News and Posts - 2 March 2008

Giovanni Tiepolo, Rinaldo Leaving the Garden of Armida, 1770

A Rose By Any Other Name is a heartbreaking site. The site very tastefully pays homage and honor to the service of our fallen soldiers. Everyone needs to be visiting this site. In the words of Lawrence Binyon:

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

The Irish Elk pays tribute to a great man, William F. Buckley.

And from honor to dishonor, at Vast Rightwing Conspiracy, the move is afoot to delink Matt Drudge for breaking the story on Prince Harry in Afghanistan. I couldn’t agree more. More at Blonde Sagacity.

The single best line of the day is a thought on Obaminations from Debbie at RightTruth: "I'm wondering how much 'hope' the voters can take home from a pack of lies?" The Conservative Cat purrs about the strategy to claim Obama transcends mere politics – thus inoculating him from criticsm on policy and his socialist ideology. Bookworm Room is maintaining an Obama Watch. According to the Velvet Hammer, in a very good post with a lot of links, those Obaminations will lead in an unwanted direction indeed. Brain Droppings has more on the company Obama keeps.

At No Oil For Pacifists, the top ten Hillary Clinton campaign slogans. Heh.

The new Democratic meme is that progress in Iraq as coming at too high a cost in money. Reuters is reporting the incredibly high costs claimed by economist Joseph Stiglitz. They just neglect to mention he is a Democrat, he has contributed the maximum to Obama’s campaign, and he has been approached by Obama for a spot in the White House. A great post by JammieWearingFools.

A mini-round-up from Bizzy Blog: CBS still has not learned the lessons of Rathergate, Barack is locking up the mosque vote in Ohio, and the NAFTA mouthings of our Democratic candidates are the penultimate in highly damaging unilateral foreign policy.

The ethnic cleansing must be stopped. I am not speaking of Dafur or the former Yugoslavia, I am talking about the cleansing of non-Muslims from Luton in the UK. Lionheart has the tale and links to the video. Meanwhile, from Dinah Lord, it looks like the UK police force now appears ready to assist with the madness.

In the 1930’s, Germany openly rearmed in violation of its international agreements while the West dithered. Villagers with Torches describes what appears to be history repeating itself now with Iran accelerating its nuclear program. Thus, when Obama says he will hold talks with Ahmedinejad, I am left with the distinct analogy to Neville Chamberlin. And in a twist of irony, Obama will hold talks with Ahmedinejad, yet he will not appear on Fox News.

I am always amazed at the common cause between two groups that should be natural enemies – the narcissistic far left who want no rules and see no reality and the Islamic Salafists who would enslave or kill them in a moment were they ever to gain ascendancy. The Barking Moonbat Early Warning System is ringing the danger bells on yet another instance – this time the chattering classes of the UK feting Hezbollah associates.

So what happens when Israel responds to continuous mass rocket attacks from the elected government in Gaza? Crusader Rabbit notes how news reports are a tad one sided on all of this. It is disgusting. And within the same rubric on one-sidedness, interfaith dialogue means different things to different people. Muslims believe that proselytizing must only be in one direction. MK has the story. And from Soccer Dad, the push by radicals to outlaw criticism of Islam has been around for some time.

Big Lizards has a fascinating post on Chinese Take Out and the Olympics. At best, China has real problems with quality control, and at worst, is deliberate in its actions.

At Done With Mirrors, the fascinating etymology of "economy."

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