Friday, March 7, 2008

Interesting News & Posts - 7 March 2008

The interesting news and posts of the day, below the fold.

Art: The Feast of Herod, Reubens, 1633

At Vast Rightwing Conspiracy, a great post on McCain and some comparisons, including a fascinating one to Churchill.

At JammieWearingFool, the story of McCain’s limited tolerance for fools, particularly tendentious ones.

Heh. The Conservative Cat has a true test for Obama to prove his ability to sway America’s enemies with his rhetorical and negotiating skills.

Blonde Sagacity takes a serious look at Obama’s foreign policy positions and reaches much the same conclusions I reached here. And Confederate Yankee notes that Obama has reasserted his intention to withdraw from Iraq at any cost. TNOY delivers their own verdict, fit for mugs and t-shirts.

As Soob notes, the "Democratic party would seem to be headed, full steam, pedal to the metal, ass over tea kettle, toward a vigorous stage of infighting that might make even Ann Coulter seem a moderate, Undecided Sap."

At BlueCrab Boulevard, more on Hugo Chavez’s ties to narco-terrorist FARC. As Gaius says, and I agree, "[i]t is past time for the US Congress to send a message of support to Colombia. Pass the free trade agreement with that country - it may avert a war." And This Ain’t Hell has a good updated round-up.

From the Barking Moonbat, a story about how RAF personnel in Britain face abuse wearing their uniforms in public. And more thoughts at Samizdata. Then do read this post at Classical Values, as the Code Pinko’s in San Fran call the Marines for help when challenged by a civilian during their protest in front of the Marine Recruiting Station.

The RAF story is understandable in Britain of today, where the socialists are teaching the country to be ashamed of its history and traditional values. See the concluding paragraph of my post here.

While at Dinah Lord, the local Islamists try their hand at milking Britain’s welfare system.

From the Elder of Ziyon, Wafa Sultan rocks. She really does. If you haven’t read the transcript of her debate with an Islamist on al Jazeera, do so. She is an eloquent and acerbic critic of the Salafi Islamist movement.

From Seraphic Secret, the best and most comprehensive coverage of an Islamist’s barbaric massacre of unarmed teenagers in Jerusalem. See here, here, here, here and here. As to those animals that celebrated this slaughter, you are not deserving of taking another breath on this earth. There is no nuance, nor is there any moral relevance. Nor is there any difference between those animals and the one’s described by Ironic Surrealism in her post on "the barbarian’s strike again."

At Crusader Rabbit, the latest in "reach out and touch someone" technology. And at MK’s Views, the story of gallantry under fire.

At the Jawa Report, it is clear why moonbats should not be made judges.

At Q&O, a zealous member of the global warming clique breaks ranks based on new climate prediction models that correct for decades old error in the thickness of earth’s atmosphere.

At Political Insecurity, Kuwait is putting political demonstrations to good use. They are taking not of the foreigners involved in the protests and then deporting them.

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