Sunday, March 2, 2008

Picking A New Middle Name For Obama

HEH. Fausta has blogged about an E-Bay auction to choose a new middle name for Barack ________ Obama since "Hussein" is now, appropriately, off limits. But that does not mean we can't have fun with it. And Don Surber has picked up this one and is running with it.


Do visit Mr. Surber's site and help with the choices. As he says, "let's end this long national nightmare." My favorite so far - Che. It has that revolutionary appeal that I think works perfectly with Obama's utopian rhetoric.


Debbie said...

What fun, I had not heard about this. But my question is ... Is Obama ashamed of his middle name? Why not say it with pride then.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

GW said...

I agree with Karl Rove on this one. B.O. may not be ashamed of his middle name, but it is not a reasonable ground of attack for those of us on the right. Look, B.O. gives us what can only be described as a target rich environment - from Rezko to Iraq to NAFTA, socialism, and the utter gulf between his post-partisan utopian vision and the reality of his time in the Senate. Why go for the cheap shot that will piss others off as being seen as an unfair attack when we can go straight for the substantive jugular. This guy is a movement with more money than God. He can be defeated, but it will never be on the grounds of his middle name.

In any event, I am enjoying the opportunity to ponder appropriate substitute middle names.

MK said...

How about Barack preening gasbag Obama, no wait, that's two name eh.

Ok make it just 'gasbag' then. If that's considered offensive, then 'snakeoil' or 'taqiya'.