Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meet London's New Mayor

As the Telegraph describes him: "Boris Johnson . . . is one of the most colourful characters in British politics. With his shock of blond hair, bumbling manner and flair for a soundbite, he has rarely been out of the headlines since entering public life."

Following his large win in the mayoral election on Thursday, Boris Johnson now replaces the odious Red Ken as Mayor of London. You can find Mayor Boris's acceptance speech here. He has set as his first order of business tackling crime in London. You can get a feel for the issues he will face from this Telegraph article, asking readers to comment on what they hope Mayor Boris will do for their city. It appears a tall order indeed.

And here is a video of a recent appearance by Mayor Boris on the BBC during his campaign for Mayor.

(H/T to, and more videos at, Brits at Their Best)

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Joanne said...

The New Mayor sounds fine, but he is going to need to learn to get straight to the point quicker if he wants to be successful in getting his point across.