Friday, August 29, 2008

Er . . . .

As I look around the net at the reaction to Gov. Sarah Palin as the VP pick and dig more into her background, one of the things I see repeatedly popping up on the left is that Alaska's Governor has too little experience to be vice president, one 72 year old heartbeat away from the presidency.

I am confused. As I look at Gov. Palin, . . .

- She has years of experience in the private sector. She has run a business. Between them, Biden and Obama have less private sector experience and no comprable experience running a business.

- She has years of executive experience, including two years as governor. Obama and Biden between them have no executive experience.

- She bucked her party, and brought down much of the old boy Republican network in Alaska through ethics investigations. Obama and Biden are doctranaire progresives who have never bucked their party.

- When she met people like Rezo in Alaska, she got them tossed from office. When Obama met Rezko, he made friends and became involved in deals.

- She has never been in the military. Neither Obama nor Biden have any military experience.

- She has no foreign policy experience. Obama has no foreign policy experience. Leaving questons of judgment out of the calculus for the moment, Biden has years of foreign policy experience.

Adding all of this up, it would appear that the bottom of the Republican party ticket now has more relevant experience than the top of the Democratic one. I just do not see why anyone on the left would want to make a charge of lack of experience - or invite the above comparison.


Joanne said...

".....Biden has years of foreign policy experience."

Pelosi has foreign policy experience too, and she is still the biggest moron.

vinny said...

dude, it's not about substance but about image. She is young and therefore looks like she has little experience. The modern democratic party is all about appearance.

KG said...

and getting the MSM to help hide the skeletons, Vinny. ;-)

GW said...

I blogged on Biden's experience below. While everyone is crying about experience - it matters not a wit if it is not accompanied by judgment. Take a look at Biden and it is apparent that he knows the phone number to the foreign minister of the Ukraine. The question becomes whether you would trust him to dial that number and make good decisions.