Friday, August 29, 2008

Gov. Palin and Reactions

Part I: John McCain's Introduction of Gov. Palin in Ohio

Part II - McCain introduction (Cont'd.)

Part III - Gov. Sarah Palin's Speech

Part IV - Gov. Sarah Palin's Speech (Cont'd.)

Rush is a happy camper:

- It’s an inspired choice… this is absolutely fabulous.”

- “We’re the ones with the babe on the ticket.”

- “And this is a real Republican woman. This woman hunts moose. She is a total maverick.”

The Volokh Conspiracy visited a pro-Hillary web-site and found them ecstatic in page after page of comments reacting to the news of Sarah Palin being nominated.

Jonah Goldberg gives his reaction.

From Vinny in the comments:

- Its Sarah and John against the Obaminator

The editors at NRO are quite pleased with this pick.

And Mark Levin has also jumped wholly on the McCain ship on the basis of the Palin selection.

From Soccer Dad, on Palin's blue collar husband.

A bevy of links at Instapundit.

And several posts and comments at Ann Althouse. I thought this comment was particularly interesting:

10:21: More from the comments. This is from Peter V. Bella:

Man, the leftist whackos and nutroots are going to come out of the woodwork like cockroaches. Pallin wears fur, she hunts and eats moose burgers, she is a life long member of the NRA, and the worst, the absolute worst crime -- her husband is a fisherman who works in the oil fields in the off-season. Yep, a regular working stiff. The kind of guy they hate and are jealous of. Not a lawyer or a fuzzy headed policy wonk; not a professor of basket weaving or Mayan Mysticism, not someone who lives off the teat of government grants; but a real, solid, hard core, working man. A guy who gets his hands dirty every day. The average Joe American.

What makes her even more odious is she actually worked with her husband on the fishing boats. She really, actually worked for a living. The Gospel chorus is lining up to rage and rant; “my God, how can he pick someone like that? Working people, why, they, they, they, know too much about real life!”

PETA, the anti-gun nuts, ELF, KOS, MYDD, Huffingglue and probably a host of others will be gnashing their teeth, pounding their drums, shaking their chubby little fists and green tamborines, and going into full, foaming at the mouth, rabid attack mode. They are going to have heartastrokes over this.

On The Left:

At Time - already raising the spectre of Dan Quayle.

Susan Estrich launches a viscious attack on Palin as the anti-Hillary. I like her more already. One obvious differnce. Palin is self-made. She made it to governor on her own, not by riding the coattails of the man she married.

Via HotAir, from CNN - Hey, won't Palin be neglecting her Downs Syndrome baby?

Not all on the left are frothing. Talkleft has some sound advice for the left. I wonder what the odds are it will be heeded?

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A brilliant choice! Game on.