Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moonbats Flying Over Georgia

John McCain, who has a long history of concern over Russian designs on its former satellites, and especially Georgia, has been on top of the crisis posed by the Russian invasion of Georgia since day one. He issued another statement today in the WSJ outlining the steps the world should be taking to respond to Russia's invasion. Obama's initial response to the Russian invasion was, to put it kindly, feckless. And now both the Obama camp and the far left have just gone into the moonbat stratosphere trying to spin all of this.

The left's reaction to Russia's invasion of Georgia is an exercise in appeasement and moral relativism on an insane level. We start with Jack Cafferty, who displays a degree of insipid moral relativism that is rarely seen outside of a Kos Diary:

McCain condemns Russia, supports Iraq invasion

FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

“In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations.”

So says John McCain, as part of his tough talk about Russia’s attacks on Georgia. In calling for Russia to get out, McCain says he doesn’t think we’ll reignite the Cold War, but that you can’t justify the “extent and degree” of Russia’s intervention in Georgia. The presumptive Republican nominee insists that we need to make sure that in the 21st century, we all have respect for the sovereignty and independence of nations.

Say what? The United States invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq more than 5 years ago. And you, Senator McCain, were all for the idea. You voted for the war, remember? At the time, McCain insisted that the U.S. needed to act before Saddam Hussein could develop more advanced weapons. And since then, McCain has remained steadfast in his support of arguably the biggest foreign policy blunder in the history of this country. At one point, McCain said U-S troops could remain in Iraq, a sovereign nation, for 100 years.

When it comes to punishing Russia for its actions, the Arizona Senator says its potential membership in the World Trade Organization should be reviewed along with its membership in the G-8. He believes an international peacekeeping mission should be sent to Georgia and that NATO should re-consider adding Georgia and Ukraine to the alliance.

Here’s my question to you: Is John McCain hypocritical to condemn Russia for invading Georgia when he voted to invade Iraq?

Wow. How far in the post modern tank do you have to be to exhibit this degree of moral relativism? Leaving all else aside, if McCafferty actually needs someone to spell out the differences between the invasion of Iraq taken in response to a belief that Iraq was a rogue nation with WMD and Georgia, a pro-Western democracy that is under attack from an imperialist Russian oligarchy (or mafia, take your pick), he is utterly clueless. And one wonders why Cafferty is picking out McCain when Cafferty's chosen One is parroting McCain now?

Then there is Andrew Sullivan, who obscenely attempts to tries to paint the fact that McCain knows foreign policy and is acting with decisiveness as a negative:

He's despatching Lindsey and Joe as emissaries to the country immediately. He's on the phone with Sakashvilli daily. He's giving press conferences. He's warning of a new Tsarist empire. You can tell what sends him into high-energy zones: a clear enemy abroad. He knows black and white; and he knows war. It gives him clarity and strength. Up next: Iran and China. Oh, the conflicts we can have ...

If this is the dynamic you want to see in the next president, McCain is your man.

That's right Andrew, Obama's feckless initial response to Russia's invasion is just what we want in a President. God forbid we have someone in the White House who understands what is happening on the foreign stage and is willing to defend democracy. Sullivan seems to be so smitten with Obama that his columns these days amount to political pornography.

These are only a part of what's going on as the left ascends into the moonbat stratosphere. Hot Air has the story of Susan Collins claiming that McCain's "beligerance" has made the situation worse, while Obama's measured approach is the appropriate one.

The AP's Peter Yost ran an insane story accusing McCain of crafting his pro-Georgia policy based on the advice of one of his campaign staff, a person who worked for a firm that has lobbied for Georgia. The fact that Georgia is a pro-Western democracy apparently does not enter into the equation. Likewise, Mr. Yost fails to note that McCain's positions have been consistent for over a decade and that McCain's staff also has sevral people who have, in the past, lobbied for Russia. Even the NYT, who argue for appeasement and who equate McCain's long distrust of Russia with the "neocon" position, doesn't take jump off into the deep end with Mr. Yost on that one.

Big Lizards has a must read on this. He takes on the AP article as well as the many others on the moonbat left who are attacking McCain for, as he puts it, "democracy mongering."

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