Friday, August 15, 2008

Watcher's Council Results

The posts have been reviewed and the votes for this weeks submissions for the best posts have been tallied by The Glittering Eye playing the role of Watcher this week. And the winners are:


My post Criminalizing Politics & Thinking The Unthinkable took the honors this week. In a tie for second place were two excellent posts, The Glittering Eye's“Civis Americanus Sum” and Soccer Dad's“Not up to the standards of the national enquirer *UPDATED*” Coming in third was another excellent post from Joshuapundit, Fear And Loathing: The Psychosexual Element In Islam.

In the non-Council category, there was a clear winner for first place and a four way tie for second. Coming in first place was Slate“The Columbia Journalism Review’s Division Over Dissent.” In a four way tie for second place were National Review Online, “An Unplanned Education”; Pundita, “To any and all U.S. forces in Georgia: STAND DOWN”; Right Wing Nut House, “Using Ridicule As a Weapon Could Backfire on McCain,”and; Roger’s Rules, “The crisis in Georgia, 9/11, and the lessons of gratitude”.

You can find the entire results of the voting at The Glittering Eye.

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