Friday, August 8, 2008

Today’s Links – The Hanibal Lecter Edition: Psychology, Crime & Law - 8 August 2008

Today we take a stroll through the blogs and websites dealing with psychology, crime and law, all below the fold,.

The Behavioral Analysis Unit at the FBI recently released a very interesting report - Serial Murder: Multi-Disciplinary Perspective For Investigators.

At the Crim Prof Blog, federal prosecutors are coming under ever greater threats of violence. Following a survey done after three murders of U.S. attorneys since 2001, 46 percent of U.S. attorneys said they had been threatened or assaulted due to their job, and 81 percent said someone in their office had been threatened. They are seeking weapons permits, special alarm systems for their houses and secure parking.

There is a fascinating post at the Psychology of Deception blog on a recent study of increasing cognitive load to provide more cues to veracity. In essence, having a person tell you their story in reverse order makes it significantly more likely that you will be able to determine whether they are telling the truth or not.

At Overlawyered, the Brits are considering show trials of energy executives who dispute the dogma of global warming.

In Britain, a police inspector blogs on three hoodies who tossed a woman onto a set of railroad tracks after she told them that they should stop smoking. Britain has become averse to punishing criminals.

Dr. Helen blogs on being prepared for disaster or crime – as opposed to blissful ignorance and living in a hermetically sealed bomb shelter.

In Psychology and Crime news – researchers studying bees in an attempt to sting serial killers.

Geographic profiling is explained at the Forensic Psychology blog.

White Collar criminal investigator Tracy Coenen blogs on California’s determination that is a giant pyramid scheme. As an aside, so is Social Security as its currently set up, its just that we can’t prosecute Congress for that one.

Sigmund, Carl & Alfred blogs on yet another left wing idea whose unintended consequences are to injure those they seek to help. This time its "fair trade" coffee.

White Collar Crime Prof blogs on the jailing of Detroit’s Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick for violation of bond by travelling to Canada, ostensibly on city business.

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