Friday, August 22, 2008

An Heir To Romulus And Remus

The painting above is Reuben's "Romulus and Remus." It memorializes the famous story of two brothers nursed through their infancy by a she-wolf. The brothers are legendary for founding the city of Rome. Perhaps the story is less apocryphal than might at first appear.

Reuters is reporting that a newborn infant was abandoned by her teenage mother shortly after birth. The newborn was left naked, exposed to the elements in the Argentinian winter. The child was found today, warm and healthy, amongst a dog and her own litter of puppies.


Anonymous said...

:) Thanks for this.
I loved the myth and the story of the origins of rome.

EV Fenton said...

Wow nicely done.
Love how you described the story.

EV Fenton