Monday, August 2, 2010

"Racial Blindness Is A Conservative Thing"

I wrote in a post below that the race card is beginning to lose its legitimacy for Middle America. People in the rank and file of America who long ago internalized the need for equality are pushing back, particularly in response to smears that they are racist. Indeed, according to the latest from Gallup, even among blacks and hispanics, Obama is hemmoraging support.

And as the legitimacy of the race card falls, the left becomes ever more desperate in the breadth of their racial smears, intent on mining ever more white guilt out of a mine that has been played out.

Bernard Chapin, writing at PJM, opened a recent article on race in America by quoting Victor Davis Hanson's question, "Does anyone grasp that this obsession with racial identity in an increasingly multiracial society is outright insanity, both politically and culturally?"

Well, it would be insanity if it was actually about race. Indeed, it hasn't been for at least the past decade, if not the past two. It is now almost purely about money and power. To the contrary, as Chapin notes in his article:

If the left followed the lead of conservatives and simply treated their fellow citizens as individuals we might (finally!) get along with one another.

Yet the ongoing calamitous affair in Arizona highlights that the Democrats are vested in the balkanization of what was once unquestionably the greatest country on Earth. Al Gore’s notorious Freudian slip — he incorrectly translated the national motto of E pluribus unum as “out of one, many” — portended the future strategy of our opponents.

In answer to the question posed by our champion Dr. Hanson, it seems that only conservatives covet living in a post-racial society. Ms. Dowd and Mrs. Sherrod should realize that racial blindness is a conservative thing. They’ll never get it.

I disagree. It is not that they'll never get it, it's that they are wholly invested in propping up the opposite narrative. It is both an industry for the left and the dead center of their political power base. Objective reality is not beyond them, it is, quite cynically, being shunned by them.


Anonymous said...

It is just the beginning. The Democrats are desperate to hold onto power. Before this is over they will divide this country in a way we haven't seen since 1861. The great divider in chief is single handedly destroying 60 years of effort to improve race relations and for what? To win power!! That shooting in Connecticut today was committed by someone who believed he was the victim of racism. Do the Democrats have blood on their hands? They are the ones drumming up anger and making false claims to get their base angry. Well, they are angry. Be careful out there...

Robert W. said...

A similar discussion to your excellent post, along with a reference to your blog can be found here:

GW said...

Anon: Very good point.

Robert: Thx for the link and kind words.