Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eric Holder & "Voting Correctly"

To listen to Attorney General Eric Holder tell it, Republican minimalist efforts to insure the integrity of the vote are unnecessary and motivated purely by racism. And yet:

[In upstate New York,] a widespread investigation . . . has implicated eight Democrats, including county and city elected officials and party operatives [for vote fraud]. Four defendants have already pleaded guilty to a variety of charges, and what has already unfolded exposes just how easy it could be for political insiders to illegally manipulate the electoral system.

Voters told Fox News they never filled out absentee ballot applications for the 2009 Working Families Party primary, and were later stunned to learn the applications were, in fact, turned in to the Board of Elections, with ballots cast in their names. Democratic candidates routinely try to secure the Working Families electoral line to obtain more votes in the general election. The party was associated with the now-defunct community group ACORN.

"Jackals prey upon the weakest member of the herd. That's what happened here," LoPorto's attorney Michael Feit said of the guilty pleas in which former officials admitted forging ballot applications and submitting them as legitimate votes. Feit concedes "there is no question" that someone tried to steal the election. "It is awful, it's despicable, it's terrible," he added. . . .

Two veteran Democratic political operatives in Troy said voter fraud is an accepted way of winning elections, and faking absentee ballots was commonplace.

Anthony DeFiglio, a Democratic Committeeman who pleaded guilty to falsifying business records, told state police investigators that such fraud is actually "an ongoing scheme and it occurs on both sides of the aisle. The people who are targeted live in low-income housing and there is a sense that they are a lot less likely to ask any questions... What appears as a huge conspiracy to nonpolitical persons is really a normal political tactic."

Anthony Renna, another longtime Democratic operative and party committeeman, admitted to forging an absentee ballot application. He said the process of handing in forged ballots and fake votes ensures that "ballots are voted correctly."

"I knew that the actual voters had not voted the ballots or signed the envelopes, but that did not concern me. I am not the ballot police," Renna said in a statement to police. "I have been present when 'ballots were voted correctly' by party operatives. Voted correctly is a term used for a forged application or ballot." . . .

Tell me, is there any other way to interpret the left's war on insuring the integrity of the vote than that they want to insure, in the upcoming election, that the ballots are voted correctly?

And what makes this particularly despicable, in my eyes at least, is that they are using the race card to justify it.  A lot of people died to insure that blacks could vote vote and that their vote counted.  It seems that our modern day race hustlers have come full circle.

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Anonymous said...

I think what you report has ramifications on two levels.

In the immediate battle, the Left hopes to steal the election, regardless of the wishes of the voters. Not only is this happening in the USA, you may also have seen reports of similar activity in the UK at the last General Election.

In the longer term war, this is but one aspect of the struggles of the Frankfurt School, and the Fabian Society, to "make western civilisation so corrupt that it stinks". They appear to hope that in making thinking people recognise that the current electoral system is corrupt, they will reduce opposition to its substitution by an autocratic dictatorial system.

We must keep our eyes focussed on the war aims of the opposition, not just the battle aims.