Saturday, January 21, 2012

Powerline's John Hinderaker Gets Unihinged

One does not see this too often from John Hinderaker at Powerline - throwing what can only be described as a temper tantrum. But here it is.

It seems that just the thought that Newt Gingrich might win the SC primary has Hinderaker going into a full metal leftie unhinged rant. Labeling anyone who votes for Gingrich "delusional," Hinderaker tells us that electing Gingrich as our nominee would result in the near complete extinguishment of the Republican Party, in addition to causing a whole host of other calamities all the way up to the visitation of the ten biblical plagues on our nation. Well, maybe he didn't say that last bit, but after reading his unhinged rant, one wouldn't be surprised if he had.

In list form, Hinderaker throws the kitchen sink at Newt as to why he is our era's Thomas Dewey, Michael Dukakis, and the Edsel all rolled into one. But he counts them as asides, settling on the utterly bizarre argument that Newt can't win in the general election because of Newt's ex-wife's revelations in the ABC interview on Thursday. Using incomprehensible reasoning, Hinderaker says that Newt - who has acknowledged most of the facts raised by his ex-wife in the interview - is mortally wounded because he called her new allegation, that he had asked for an open marriage, false. Indeed, Hinderaker fails to note that Gingrich's ex has spoken at length publicly on the break up of her marriage with Newt over the past several years - yet this is the very first time she has raised the "open marriage" allegation. His post is one giant non-sequitur. It is he that appears "delusional."

Indeed, if Newt's past infidelity and an unhappy ex-wife are going to be the deciding factor in this election, Hinderaker had best inform Thomas Sowell, Kyle-Ann Shiver, in addition to President Grover Cleveland if they can dig him up - just to name a few in a very long list.. What is it about Newt that drives so many Republicans into an utter frenzy of inchoate rage? In this, John Hinderaker joins the ranks of most of the entire staff of the NRO, Ann Coulter, George Will, Jennifer Rubin and Kathleen Parker, all of whom are exhibiting unmistakable symptoms of Gingrich Derangement Syndrome.


Anonymous said...

Listen to this interview with Romney by Laura Ingraham (who is a Romney supporter. He sounds so unprepared and he has been at this for 6 years.

I don't like all of Newt's baggage but at least he can respond coherently to charges leveled against him. I was a Perry supporter but now think Newt is our last best chance.

WAKE UP said...

The media don’t give a damn that they are hurting Gingrich’s ex-wife –she’s just this week’s cannon-fodder. And all to keep a President in office who can’t say a straight word about ANYTHING.