Friday, January 13, 2012

So Much To Blog, So Little Time

There are numerous fascinating posts out over the past few days that I have wanted to blog but have just run out of time. Here they are:

PJM:  Michael Ledeen provides a reminder - totalitarianism must win out or be defeated.  There is no middle ground.  He puts it in terms of Iran, but I think it equally as applicable to the insane idea of negotiating with the Taliban.

That’s no doubt the “deep down” reason why Obama worked so hard — indeed is still secretly working hard — to get his version of the Hitler/Stalin pact with Iran. Somebody ought to remind Obama how that great triumph of totalitarian diplomacy worked out for the two of them.

Big Lizards has some additional cogent thoughts on the Obama decision to negotiate with the Taliban.

NRO:  Real capitalism exists only in Communist China - - - well, the special district of Hong Kong, where limited government, a laughably simple tax code, and no major regulatory regime to speak of stand in direct contrast to the U.S.  How would we like to see Hong Kong's near 6% growth this year.

The Daily Gator:  A rogues gallery of the Top Ten Lunatic Fringe Ron Paul Supporters.  Paul almost makes Obama's choice of associations look benign.

PJM:  Spengler puts "private equity and creative destruction" into context, taking Gingrich and Perry rightfully to task.  Theirs is an attack from the left on capitalism - and I say that as one who would much prefer to see Gingrich in the White House than Romney:

Want to see what America would look like without private equity? Move to Detroit and contemplate the ruins of a city ruined by the placid conformity of auto industry executives. The economic impact of the corporate takeover business can’t be measured by the outcome of takeovers as such. Private equity transformed the way American business thought about the world.

Across The Fence:  Mark Meckler, of Tea Party fame, discusses his arrest in NYC for possession of a firearm (unloaded, in a case in his luggage, for which he had a valid permit) after he tried to declare it before boarding a plane at LaGuardia airport.  NYC ultimately dropped the charges, but is refusing now to return his gun.  It is all a Constitutional travesty.

PJM:  Kevin Martin discusses the dissatisfaction of progressive blacks with Obama

Belafonte and others would be hard pressed to find anyone in the black community who could claim they are better off today than they were 3 years ago.

That goes hand in glove with my post the other day, that now is the time for conservatives to make a real push for the black vote.  If we can convince 1 in 10 of the reality - that "on the two most important issues facing blacks today, jobs and education, their best hopes lay with the right," then the Democrats will be put in dire straits.

NRO:  Five Muslims have been arrested in the UK and charged with violating a new hate speech law for stating in a leaflet that gays will go to hell and should receive the death penalty.

The passage of the law, and its first use this week, is the continuation of a worrying trend in the United Kingdom. Laws governing thought and speech, rather than deed, are becoming commonplace. . . . Worse, it cripples free expression and leaves people looking over their shoulders.

The UK, from which the concept of freedom of speech springs, has taken a worrying turn against it since the 1980's - to the extent that I find myself today, for the first time, coming down on the side of the radical Muzzies.

Ironic Surrealism:  Obnoxious, hypocritical, outrageous . . . . are just a few of the adjectives one could quite legitimately apply to the DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who has once again tried to blame the Tea Party for the shooting of Congresswoman  Gabrielle Giffords.  What a detestable woman.

Got Medieval:  If you like the legend of King Arthur, GM provides some of the fascinating backstory of the legend's author, Geoffrey of Monmouth.

Woman Honor Thyself: Gender confusion [shiver] is being foisted on us by "lefties and Hollywood bozos:"

The underlying and not so subtle aim is to blur and haze the line between men and womens’wear, thus blurring the line between men and women period.

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