Sunday, January 15, 2012

Obama To Russia On Bended Knee

We have a huge technological advantage in Ballistic Missile Defense.  And, in a world of nuclear proliferation, fully developing that technology and maintaining our technological advantage could be the difference between life or death for the U.S..  Yet we now learn that Obama plans to  share our ballistic missile defense (BMD) technology with Russia... including our newest mid-range missile, Standard Missile 3 (SM3).   Of all Obama's foreign policy missteps, this one has the potential to be the most damaging to our nation.

Now, to the person of average intelligence, this might seem like an incredibly dumb move.  While the U.S. and Russia are no longer sitting on the fence of nuclear war, Russia is hardly an ally, nor are they benign.  Indeed, their interests, such as building nuclear reactors in Iran, are directly at odds with Western interests.  So why, oh why, would this smartest of Presidents consider sharing BMD technology with Russia?  Why in order to allay Russian "fears" about putting some of our SM3's in Europe.  This is vintage Obama - naive beyond measure, unable to distinguish friend from foe, and acting in the best interests of a foreign power rather than the U.S..  The appropriate response to Russia's overreaction is to threaten to put SM3's on every street corner in Europe, not to give them the blueprints.

Big Lizards has the whole story with appropriate comment.


Ex-Dissident said...

It's just so absurd. We don't have Reagan and Carter is headed for a third term, while running on a platform that makes Carter's 1st term look conservative.

GW said...

Well, this is one of those we told you so's - that back before the 08 election, if we elected Obama, by the end of four years we'd be pining for the good old days of Carter.

MathewK said...

No matter how many the communists murder and people they crush, leftists will never stop being fascinated by them. obama is just another liberal moron who won't learn from his mistakes.