Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Short Guide To Obama's 2012 State Of The Union Speech

This was an actual State of the Union speech rather than an obvious campaign speech. The surprise of the night - straw men survived as a species with only a few set alight by our Campaigner in Chief. Poor Pinnochio, however, his nose grew so long that he can no longer raise his head. And the number of elephants in the room ignored by Obama (trillions of them and increasing by the minute) was really quite amazing.

 At any rate, to keep this short, let's go down the checklist of the obvious:

Blame the economy on prior administration - Check

Wall Street greed caused the economic meltdown - Check

Meltdown caused by a prior administration - Check

 3 Million New Jobs - Check

 Equal Pay For Equal Work - Check

 Fairness as the key to all of our economic woes - Check

 GM Success - Check

 Oil Bad, Green Energy Good - Check

 Making Our Navy The World's Largest Consumer of Biofuels - Check

 Libya - Check

 Bin Laden - Check


 Now for some of the Notable Omissions:

 Hope and Change - No

Entitlement Reforms - No

 Obamacare - No

 Stimulus - No

 Dodd Frank - No

 Unemployment Rate - No

 Real Unemployment Rate - No

 Number of Long Term Unemployed - No

 Massive Inflation in Food and Fuel - No

 $16 trillion in debt & growing by the minute - No

 GM failure to payback billions of taxpayer funds - No

Keystone Pipeline - No

Nuclear Energy - No

 Solyndra - No

 Gutting our National Defense - No

 Making Our Navy Purchase Grossly Expensive Biofuels - No

 Egypt - No

Arab Spring - No 

Obama Administration opposition to most recent Iran central bank sanctions - No

Cancelling Military Training Ops With Isral - No

The failure of the Democrat Controlled Senate To Pass A Budget For Three Years - No

Recovery Under Obama compared to recovery from all other post-WWII Recessions - No


 Big, Massive Screaming Lies:

Obama taking credit for increasing oil production, reduced oil usage, and making 75% of our offshore areas available for oil exploration and development.

Obama Claims that he is reducing the regulatory burden.


Request Masses of New Spending For:

Education (must keep the public sector unions in cash)

Federal employment center and Community Colleges

Green energy

Federally funded R&D for everything


 Insane Proposals -

 1. Tax multinational corporations on their overseas profits not brought into the U.S.

 2. Son of Stimulus - "Take the money we’re no longer spending at war, use half of it to pay down our debt, and use the rest to do some nation-building right here at home."

 3. No Cost Refinancing Of Loans - To be paid for by a new bank tax . . . which will be paid for by you and I.

For a full discussion of many of the issues raised by Obama's inclusions and omissions, see the Heritage Foundation's Round-up

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