Monday, August 4, 2008

Interesting Posts From Around The Web - 4 August 2008

I am making an effort to provide a short daily link to some of the blogs around the web that hold my interest. Some of the linkfests will be themed – the anglosphere, milbloggers, jihad, psych and crime, history and culture. The rest will be just a review of some good blogs that I unfortunately only get a chance to hit about once every ten days. So, at any rate, here is today’s general linkfest.

Art: The Lady of Shalott, John Waterhouse, circa 1900

In the Mel Brooks movie, Blazing Saddles, there is a hilarious scene where the black Sheriff, played perfectly by Cleavon Little, draws in a couple of hooded clansmen by jumping from behind a rock and asking them "Where ‘de white women at?" Baseball Crank has a similarly themed – and satirical - post in his Racist Campaign Ad Watch.

At American Digest, it’s Obama Panties and the Adoration of the Magi.

Blonde Sagacity, who just runs a great blog up in Philly, is having a caption contest for the following photo:

My own caption – ". . . and I hope that I can count on both your votes in November."

Simply Jews responds with appropriate sarcasm to a question in the Guardian from a British Parlimentarian, to wit: "Are the Israelis who demand an attack on Iran, which - repulsive though its government undoubtedly is - has never invaded another country and possesses no nuclear weapons, the same Israelis who have launched successive invasions of Lebanon, with much slaughter and huge damage, and possess 200 nuclear warheads?

Dave Freddoso’s book, The Case Against Barack Obama, has just been released. More on it here.

At Betsy’s Page, a very good post on Obama and his "rather condescending attitude towards average Americans. They're always getting fooled by some nefarious "they" who causes them to do or think things against their best interests." And at Blue Crab Boulevard, its Obama’s ego out of control.

A brilliant post from Confederate Yankee commenting upon the Pelosi interview that I blogged on here: "But then, Pelosi isn't trying to save the planet, she's trying to drive up prices. She and other liberal democrats are hoping to force us to concede to their desire for funding more R&D into alternative energy sources that do not yet exist. In effect, she wants us to put a substantial amount of our eggs in a basket that hasn't been built yet, and starve for years to come while it is being constructed, and hope that it works. And they say Democrats don't support faith-based initiatives."

In a similar vein of religion and oil, the Glittering Eye speaks to Obama about the idiocy of tapping the strategic petroleum reserves, urging him to "avoid the snares of the Demon Rum, Demagoguery! Put down that bottle! Get thee behind me, Satan!"

Stop the ACLU blogs on Obama’s "tire gauge" energy policy: "Barry is suggesting that properly inflated tires will almost completely solve our automobile energy crisis. Now THAT is funny. The delusional "WTF are you talking about?" type. The kind of laugh you get when your bud knocks the cooler over into the pond, or barfs onto the floorboard of your classic Corvette."

Deleware Curmudgeon looks back to Nixon’s plan for energy independence and asks, what the hell happened?

At Discriminations, a jaundiced view of Obama as anything but a "post-racial" candidate.

Conservative Beach Girl makes the argument for an end to 44 years of reverse discrimination in affirmative action plans.

A real laugher at the Daily Kos – a video comparing Reagan to Obama, making the mindless argument that Reagan was an "inexperienced celebrity" who challenged a person – Jimmy Carter – with military experience. Just as a reminder, Reagan’s experience before becoming President was two terms as California governor and he had enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1937 but was prevented from overseas deployment in WWII because of his vision. That is a bit more experience than "The One."

At Vocal Minority, a post on how homelessness has declined under Bush and how the MSM is at pains to limit his credit.

Callimachus at Done With Mirrors runs a good post on the death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. More on his passing from a personal acquaintance at the Brussels Journal. And Ron Coleman writes on how Solzhenitsyn impacted on him personally.

Colleen at Facing The Sharks waxes poetic on her pro se law suit.

At the Gay Patriot, Obama is living truth of Lincoln’s adage that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Some very sage thoughts on guns and self defense from Rough Diamond.

At Grandpa John’s, a review of a handful of Americans in the 1930’s "who understood the evils of American culture and capitalism to follow their ideals of hope and change by emigrating to the Soviet Union during the depression." There’s that hope and change theme again.

Dutch Concerns has the latest Pat Condell video – topic, Islam is not a victim.

At Pirates, Man Your Women, the candidate for change changes his mind yet again, this time on the separation between church and state.

If your tastes run to the Libertarian, the Whited Sepulchre a list up of the top Libertarian sites and blogs.

Red Alerts asks whether Britain can survive multiculturalism? I do believe that the answer is no, with the only question being whether Britain will put an end to the socialist madness or whether it will end Britain.

Robert at Seraphic Secret has some advice for would-be writers. But apparently, I had best reverse my plans to send him my screen play for collaboration.

I am amazed and utterly disgusted at the tolerance that the West shows for what is occurring in Gaza, particularly as to how the cult of death and hatred is being taught to children. It is fundamentally intolerable. Yet it passes by without condemnation. Soccer Dad has the story of Hamas summer camp.

One of the themes you will see discussed at my blog is the failure of our government to be forthcoming with our nation as to what exactly it is we are fighting in the "War On Terror." Faultline has their own take on that issue this week. I do not agree with the conclusion, because what we are at war with are some very specific strains of Islam, but the post itself is very thoughtful.

Political Insecurity has the latest video on the new First Lady of France. In support of international relations, I highly recommend it.

A sage question from Soob: Was George Orwell writing fiction or phrophecy?

At the American Jingoist, a very good post on the Axis of Idiots.

Villagers With Torches is one of the most intelligent blogs on the net. The most recent post looks at Pakistan’s snakepit of an intelligence service, the ISI, and our alternatives in dealing with Pakistan.

Woman Honor Thyself has a very good tribute to two of our fallen, Army Spec. Alex Jimenez and Pvt. Byron Fouty. Do visit this one.

The Common Room posts a list of books read in July along with short blurbs on each. It is an interesting mix.


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Thanks for the link, WH.

Dave Schuler said...

Just as a reminder, Reagan’s experience before becoming President was two terms as California governor and he had enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1937 but was prevented from overseas deployment in WWII because of his vision.

There's another item on Ronald Reagan's resume that for some reason or other is rarely mentioned. In 1947 Reagan was the president of the Screen Actors Guild and one of his contributions while in that job was to clean Communists from the organization.

That was important and valuable for a couple of reasons. First, actors are opinion shapers and lots of them were Communists. Second, contrary to the way the story's told now there were actual Communists back then and they were working actively to undermine our system. Third, the American Communist Party were foreign agents of the Soviet Union since their formation.

Chad said...

Something I found while knocking around wikipedia yesterday.
A Democrat Congressman from the '40s was on the payroll of the Soviet NKVD.
This guy was responsible for much of the Special Committee on Un-American Activities group in the House, and here he was a Soviet spy.

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