Monday, August 4, 2008

Nancy Pelosi On Refusing To Drill

(From Freep via Gateway Pundit)

My hats off to George Stephanopoulos. Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi appeared on This Week with Mr. Stephanopoulos. The single question he asked her repeatedly, over 10 minutes, was why not allow a vote on drilling. Her justifications are jaw dropping:

1. Proponents of drilling have been too effective in convincing too many people to allow a vote.

2. Democracy cannot be allowed if the results will be unacceptable.

3. We have a planet to save.

4. Drilling to increase supply will not effect gas prices for 10 years and then only 2 cents.

5. Big oil just wants more profits.

6. The rise in gas prices is a result of "failed" Bush policies - the words supply and demand do not enter the discussion.

7. Let's look at all the options - other than drilling. She will not permit a vote.

8. She wants to set out an "electricity standard" that apparently is wholly on wind, solar, biofuels, etc.

Watch the interview here.

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