Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whoa'bama - The One Does Not Want To Raise His Children In America

The One gives us another off the cuff insight into his mentality, and this one is jaw dropping:

Patriotism? Just what does he see in our country today that is so evil and bad that it must be completely remade in order for him to be satisfied enough with it to raise his children here?

What utopian vision does he have of our past to which he he wants us to aspire?

As I look around this country, I see

- an economic miracle that has raised the standard of living for all, even the poorest;

- a nation that has a democratic tradition stretching back centuries and that has insured a level of freedom inside our borders never elsewhere;

- possibly the only nation on earth where there is still freedom of speech;

- a land where opportunity exists for all;

- a land that has moved much closer to giving truth to the phrase "all men are created equal" than any other nation on this earth.

So what about the One?

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Joanne said...

What future he is talking about? Why can't he be specific about anything? Obama's children live a privileged lifestyle compared to most children in America, so is he frightened his children might get mixed up with the rest of the children of America and face their future?