Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Andrew Klavan Nails It: The Robotic Argument Of The Left To All Opposition

Although virtually every person on the right has pointed this out in so many words, Andrew Klavan nails it. He does the best job I have seen yet of describing the lefts attitude towards - and response to - all opposing arguments.

Actually, the left's rhetorical device is aimed not merely to the speaker, but it is equally aimed at all potential listeners. To them, the message is that, regardless of what the speaker has to say, the listener should pay no heed because the speaker is illegitimate. That is the whole basis for the race card, PDS, and of course, this past week's blood libel.

A hat tip to the best blog you will find down under (water at this point), Crusader Rabbit. Do pay them a visit and wish them some dry weather.

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Chris said...

Best blog down under?

Sigh, then we got work to do, here on Queenslands sunny Gold Coast.