Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Race Card Chickens Coming Home To Roost

"Hey, You racist crackers, c'mon back, all is forgiven."

- Paraphrasing Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga), 18 Jan. 2011, as he bemoaned "white flight" from the Democratic Party

I pointed out in a 2008 post that the left discovered the race card a half century ago and have since relied on it and its permutations as the major vehicle by which they gain and maintain power. And I pointed out, several months before the last election, that the race card was loosing all of its legitimacy and with it, the ability to brow-beat the electorate into submission.

And now we are seeing that those observations were accurate. The left made an unprecedented effort over the past two years to tar virtually everyone who criticized Obama as racist. The result - the election of 2010 saw "white flight" from the Democratic Party in historic proportions. And now reality is dawning on the race baiters. In particular, Rep. John Lewis, last seen manufacturing charges of racism against the Tea Party, had this to say today:

A leading civil rights leader in Congress believes the Democratic Party is losing too many white voters.

In an interview, Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) said Democrats need to "go all out" to win back white Southern voters before the next election.

White voters preferred Republican candidates by almost two-to-one in the midterms last year. Their support helped the GOP win 22 seats in the states that make up the Old Confederacy. The Democrats' only pickup in the region was the New Orleans district where the party holds a registration advantage.

Since November, there have been a string of defections by Southern Democratic state lawmakers, which has prompted renewed speculation about the party’s future in the region. Former Alabama Rep. Artur Davis (D) said Democrats should even consider running as Independents if they want to succeed.

Lewis, who was a civil rights activist before being elected to Congress in 1986, said he's concerned the party is losing its diversity, which will make it difficult to reclaim the lost seats.

"We've got to go all out and get white voters, especially white men, to come back to the Democratic Party," he told The Ballot Box. "I just think it's important for the Democratic Party to roll out and try to reveal itself and not become a party that is split along racial lines." . . .

Too late John. When you turned the Civil Rights movement from a morally pure movement aimed at achieving equality into a blunt instrument for delegitimizing your non-racist political opponents, you're downfall was inevitable. For my part, I am amazed it has taken this long for this canard to be exposed and revulsion to it begin to take shape.

Hat Tip to Flopping Aces that has up a great post on this topic.

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suek said...

Do you suppose they finally figured out the meaning of "minority"???