Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On The Road To Economic Armageddon - New Record Deficit Spending

According to new CBO estimates, Obama has us on a path, in 2011, to spend $1.5 trillion of borrowed money. This from the Washinton Post:

This year's deficit would be the highest on record and would equal about 9.8 percent of the economy, the CBO said, slightly smaller than the 2009 budget gap, which at $1.4 trillion amounted to nearly 10 percent of the gross domestic product. However, at a time when policymakers had hoped to begin closing the gap between spending and revenue, the CBO forecast that it is widening again and is on track to remain well above $1 trillion in 2012, the fourth year in a row.

Obama will destroy us if he and his far left cohorts are not voted out in 2012.

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