Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick Hits: Electric Cars, Useful Idiots, Haiti, True Crime

Jammie Wearing Fool: Pointing to the insane push to put us all in electric cars, JWF does a comparison between the performance of electric cars and slightly older technology. Based thereon, they conclude, "in ten years, you'll be wishing for a speedy hog like this one:"

Salon: Useful Tool For Useful Idiot finally takes down the JFK, Jr. article on its site, up since 2005, falsely linking autism with vaccines.

Hot Air: Few countries still extant today have suffered more from corruption, brutal autocracies, and bad luck than Haiti. And now, with the government teetering and the people in the throws of starvation, who should show up but former dictator Baby Doc Duvalier. He was deposed nearly two decades ago. The only possible reason for this murderous scum to come to Haiti is in an attempt to retake the country. One would not have thought, until yesterday, that Haiti's situation could become any more precarious.

True Crime: A state grand jury in Winkler County, Tex., has indicted the sheriff, the county attorney and a hospital administrator for their roles in orchestrating the prosecution of two whistle-blowing nurses after they had reported allegations of malpractice


Ex-Dissident said...

Weird case in that true crimes report. I wonder what were the exact complaint against this doctor by the nurses. If he was stealing expensive stuff from the hospital, it just doesn't make sense why a sheriff would try to protect the thief. I also wonder what motivated the nurses to report that doctor; he must have been a real jerk to them.

GW said...

I have read of this case over the past few years, but the details that you ask escape me. I intend to look it up as some point here in the near future because I find the case fascinating, largely because taking down a DA and Sheriff meant that did just an incredible job of working this dase. Will post on it when I do.