Friday, January 7, 2011

Losing The MESSAGING WAR Yet Again - This Time On Obamacare

When will our Congresscritters on the right figure out that their messaging is absolutely broken. They may be on the side of the angels, but as long as the left dominates the MSM, they have to work three times harder to get their message out.

Specifically what I am referring to was the left's gambit of having the CBO send a letter on day one of the 112th Congress asserting that repeal of the monstrosity of Obamacare would add $270 billion to the deficit.

Here is reality:

Ryan said this afternoon at the National Press Club that the only reason a Congressional Budget Office letter claims the national health care law will reduce the deficit--i.e. bring in more revenue through tax hikes and Medicare cuts than it spends on Obamacare--is because "the books have been severely cooked"--not by the CBO but by the Democrats who wrote the bill.

"CBO has to score what you put in front of them," Ryan explained. "And if you put a bill in front of them that ignores the discretionary cost of the $115 billion you need to spend to run this new Obamacare program, that double counts the Medicare savings, that double counts the CLASS Act revenue, that double counts the Social Security revenue, that does not count the "Doc Fix"--you add all that stuff up, net it out, we're talking about a $701 billion hole--deficit."

"So if you actually do real accounting, get away the smoke-and-mirrors, get away the budget gimmicks, this thing is a huge deficit-increaser. . . .

That's great. But if the general public doesn't hear it, it is useless. Every Republican in Congress should be jumping up and down on camera calling the left lying sob's for having CBO write this piece of fantasy and trying to sell it to the American people. Otherwise, what will happen is what I just watched a few minutes ago - on Studio B no less - where the story was Republicans pusshing ahead with an attempt to repeal Obamacare even though the CBO will add $270 billion to the deficit. End of story. Absolutely f*** incompetent idiots.

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