Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Astute Political Analysis From Instapundit

This from Instapundit:

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Even With His Baggage, Gingrich Is Better Than Obama. So true.

Of course, so is Zeeba The Syphilitic Camel. Photo courtesy of Zeeba’s exploratory committee.



billm99uk said...

Needs a shave ;)

GW said...

Nah, she's a cutie. I bet her dance card in the Saudi kingdom is full every night.

OBloodyHell said...

Reminds me of a joke:

A newly minted captain in the French Foreign Legion is assigned his first post, a very very distant fort on the outskirts of nowhere, more than 20 miles from the nearest town.

As he is taking an inspection tour of his new command, escorted by his veteran staff sergeant, he sees many signs of sloppiness and a lack of discipline, and is appalled at the behavior of the Legionnaires he's been put in charge of.

He sees a mess in a corner, "That's the laundry, sir. The men throw it there and the Legionnaire whose job it is to wash it does it on Sunday".
"That's rather unsatisfactory, Sergeant."
"It's How the Men Do It, sir."

Being a relatively smart, if newly minted captain, he realizes he needs to wait before instituting a wide variety of changes.

As they are walking around, he sees the men in the barracks drinking and in a rather disheveled state.
"The men feel the barracks is like their home, they like to relax and take it easy while in there."
"That's disturbing, Sergeant, it shows a distinct lack of discipline."
"It's How the Men Do It."

He allows it to pass, figuring he'll address these problems one by one rather than to slap the men with changes all at once.

As they are walking around the courtyard, he notes, off in a hidden corner, a camel is tethered to a post.
"Why is that camel there, rather than in the stables?"
"Well, sir, the men have... needs. And we're a long ways from any women, sir. And when these needs get overpowering, well, the men use the camel."
"Sergeant, that is the most disgusting thing I've heard yet!"
The sergeant stands stiffly at attention, salutes, and says, "It's How the Men Do It, Sir!"

He grumbles but says nothing more.

Times pass, and he begins to institute changes, the men are only to drink in the canteen, to be in uniform at all times, to place all their laundry in a specific location to await the laundryman... He does so under the regular commentary from the sergeant, "But sir, it's How The Men Do It!" to the point where he gets rather peeved with the man's resistance to change, and really, really tired of hearing what has become almost a mantra to the sergeant.

The captain forgets about the camel for about four months, though, and, when he does see it again, he reminds himself that something Must Be Done... but fails to follow through on it.

Another two months pass, and he's starting to look at the camel differently. The loneliness and the thankless duty does wear on a man. He himself begins to be a bit more sloppy in regards to his own dress code than he would have been even two months before.

Another two months pass, and he realizes that he himself can't stand it any more. He shouts for the sergeant, "Get me a ladder, dammit!"

The sergeant dutifully obtains a ladder for the captain, who grabs it impatiently and starts walking off. The sergeant, curious, absently follows him. The captain walks right up behind the camel, sets the ladder in a convenient place, climbs up the ladder, drops his trousers, and quickly, within seconds, relieves himself with the camel.

He pulls up his pants, climbs down the ladder, and, suddenly realizing he had an audience, walks over to the sergeant, and asks testily, "Well, sergeant, is that 'How The Men Do It'??"

The sergeant is slow to reply, but suddenly he stammers out, "N-no, n-not really, sir! U-usually, they take some leave, hop on the camel, and ride the 20 miles to the nearest town and utilize the brothel there... but... but... whatever floats your boat, sir!!"

GW said...

lolllll . . .