Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why I Support Gingrich - & Utterly Abhor The Total War Being Waged Against Him From The Right

Hey, right leaning Pundits - here's a plan.  If you want to unleash vociferous, one-sided, intellectually dishonest attacks, how about aiming them away from Republican candidates for President.  This is disgusting and suicidal on a level I did think possible for the right.  And it is unforgivable.

I am so tired of listening to right wing pundits attack Gingrich with all of the vociferousness and intellectual dishonesty that the left used on Sarah Palin.  Indeed, I would bet that you would have to go back to the Republican country club elite's attack on Barry Goldwater to find anything similar.  And just as a reminder - they succeeded in getting LBJ elected.  The U.S. has been saddled with the massive welfare state of the "Great Society" ever since.  Indeed, it is actions like we see today that led to the articulation of Reagan's 11th Commandment.

I am absolutely livid at pundits telling me that I am an idiot (Ann Coulter, Kathleen Parker) or a racist (Glenn Beck completely off his meds) for supporting Gingrich.  I am utterly disgusted at pundits giving me a one sided whisper campaign based on a jaded view of history as articulated by people with knives out for Gingrich (Jennifer Rubin, Brian Bouldoc, George Will).  Really, what the hell is wrong with these people?

Indeed, visit Right Scoop to listen to Mark Levin making the same points.

Do you want to know why I support Gingrich.  Briefly:

1.  Record of Achievement -  Gingrich is the only person running who has actually succeeded in moving the nation rightward.  He was the principal architect of the Contract With America.  He got our economy in working order and balanced the budget.

2.  Demonization and The Speakership - I remember Gingrich's speakership and downfall vividly.  Indeed, that was my introduction to the left wing / MSM partnership in the politics of demonization and demgagougery.  Gingrich was painted quite literally by the left as the personificaiton of evil and, eventually, Republicans in Congress largely went along with that.  Yeah, Gingrich failed in his showdowns with  Clinton.  But the MSM at the time were the true victors in that fight.  Anyone remember the "Gingrich Who Stole Christmas" campaign?  The MSM was every bit as leftist back then, but they also had an advantage.  There was no alternative media.  The MSM completely controlled the flow of information - and virtually all of it was skewed hard left.

The ugly truth is that many on the right back then read the MSM handwriting on the wall and happily went along with it for their own aggrandizement.  There was a coup led by Denny Hastert and the roach killer, Tom DeLay.  Boy they were great replacements for Gingrich, weren't they.  Is there anyone - and I do mean anyone - who, with the benefit of hindsight, can say the coup did anything other than end the conservative surge and return us to the bad old days of Nelson Rockefeller's Republican Party?

What it comes down to is this - the first thing to remember with all the hit pieces coming out today on the right aimed at Gingrich - there are a whole lot of people trying to justify their actions during the mid-90's.  They turned their back on Gingrich when it was politically expedient to do so.  With that in mind, when Brian Boulac or Ann Coulter or any of these other low rent bomb throwers writes another hit piece centered on Gingrich's speakership, look to see if they bother to run it by Gingrich for his response before publishing.  I am done reading any of these intellectually dishonest "pundits."    

3.  We face immense problems.  When I look at the domestic agenda of Gingrich, it is economically more far reaching than Romney's (don't take my word for it, take Larry Kudlow's) and I trust Gingrich to take on the leviathan regulatory bureaucracy that continues to grow in our nation like kudzu.  I expect Romney to try and co-opt that bureaucracy and for his economic plan to be far more accommodating to the existing paradigm and the wishes of Democrats.

When I look at foreign policy, the biggest challenge to Western civilization arises out of the spread of Wahhabi Islam and the expansion of the terrorist state animated by the soon to be nuclear Khomeinist state.  We have yet to have a single person in government to join in a Reagenesque war of ideas to shine the light on this and join, finally, the war of ideas.  Gingrich is the only person with both the knowledge and testicular fortitude to do it.

4.  Electability:  I look upon Gingrich as far more electable than Romney.  Anyone who is the Republican nominee is going to be demonized by the left on a scale not heretofore seen.  Gingrich is far more likely to be able to effectively counterattack and keep focusing the nation on what really matters - the horrid economic record of our neo-Keynsian President.  Indeed, recalling how petulant Obama became during the last general election when he was truly challenged, I expect Gingrich to be far more effecting in getting under Obama's skin and exposing him for the shallow radical left wing narcissistic that he is.

When Romney gets attacked - or feels that he is getting attacked by, say, Bret Baier, he doesn't do so well.  Indeed, I see parallels between Obama and Romney in that regard.  An Obama Romney campaign would be dirty - and even.  A Gingrich Obama campaign would be dirty - but Gingrich would be much more effective.  

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