Saturday, December 10, 2011

Live Comments - The ABC Republican Debate

What was the purpose of this debate? Really. Are they supposed to be debating domestic policy? Foreign policy? This is a debacle. It's an invitation for all of the candidates to form a circular firing squad around Gingrich.

35 min.: I came in at the 17 minute mark and apparently missed an actual question on jobs. At the 35 minute point, it's clear that this is not a debate designed to allow the candidates to differentiate themselves from Obama. It is, instead, being used by the snakes at ABC as a vehicle to get the candidates to throw bombs at each other - and in particular Gingrich. This is pretty horrendous really.

49 min: Faith is the topic. Great. Now we can talk about the left's war on religion in America . . . ummmm, no. Instead of that, Stephanopoulos is inviting all of the candidates to take shots at Gingrich for adultery and divorces. This is unreal. And they all do. Perry is the worst - if you commit adultery then you will always cheat and are intrinsically untrustworthy. Gingrich - I am what I am, I've made mistakes, and I hope you will evaluate me on the basis of who I am today.

55 min: Immigration. Gingrich - repeats his view of a path to residency for some illegals. Romney - get all 11 million illegal immigrants to register and go back to their country's of origin. That is absurd. Perry - finally, a good answer. Perry takes on Obama.

1:02 hrs: The topic is still immigration, yet Stephanopoulos is now inviting all people not named Gingrich to criticize him for saying that the "Palestinians" are an invented race. Gingrich was precisely right by the way. (see here) Romney is taking the position that we shouldn't be saying anything that would piss off the Muslims, regardless of the truth. This is unreal. Santorm tries to split the difference between Gingrich and Romney. Perry gives the best answer - this is a media made mountain: "This President is the problem, not something that Newt Gingrich said."

1:20 hrs: Another ridiculous question, this one apparently designed to show all the Republican candidates as fat cats - when was the last time you suffered financially like the middle class is suffering now? Romney gives a good answer - paraphrased "I have never been poor, but the answer to these problems are jobs, jobs, jobs." Paul gives a similarly good answer - paraphrased "we are destroying the middle class with bad monetary and economic policies." Santorum's answer is ridiculous. Something about having two parents.

1:28 hrs: Healthcare - The people at Yahoo want to hear more about support for the individual mandate from Romney and Gingrich. They repeat what they have already said. Paul has a good answer - paraphrase "we should never be trying to protect people from their own actions." Perry talks again about a making a "part time Congress."

1:42 hrs: What have you learned from your challengers? Santorum - credits Gingrich with teaching him conservative principals in the 1980's. Perry credits Ron Paul with introducing him to the problems of the Federal Reserve. Romney - talks about the "qualities of leadership" without answering the question. He is trying - transparently - to work into the meme that Gingrich lacks leadership. Gingrich - Perry has taught him the 10 Am., Santorum he credits with his honesty and stand on Iran. He also sites the Iowa Gov. as a role model. Paul - glad to see other candidates coming over to his positions. Bachman - no responsive answer - just "vote for me and win win win."

1:50 hrs: Spin Room - ABC is going to analysis. Gingrich - his answers were good and he is likely to solidify his support. Romney - didn't help himself, particularly with an offer to wager $10k with Rick Perry over a supposed quote from his book. Romney was right, but the 10k wager put him far out of what the average American can relate to. Bachman - helped herself, but not sufficient to cause a major change in the polls. The "conventional wisdom" from Matthew Dowd is that Newt is now likely to be the Republican nominee.

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