Friday, December 2, 2011

Targeting Newt

Romney's top achievement in office - Romneycare, which he really, really doesn't want to talk about anymore.

Newt's top achievement's in office - The Contract With America, welfare reform, a balanced budget, and taking the House for Republicans for the first time in decades,

True, Newt has a lot of baggage - much more than I intend to address with this post.  But do remember in assessing that baggage, much of it comes from a left wing MSM that, at the time of his Speakership, wholly ruled the information that Americans read in their papers and heard over the air waves.  There was no such thing as the alternative media in those days.  And to the left of that era, Newt, who led a Republican conservative tide, was evil incarnate.   

And today, Newt is the left's biggest problem.  The thought of Gingrich debating the Teleprompter In Chief has got to be giving the left nightmares.  Obama, who now has a record, will be raising up straw men and putting them on fire left and right.  Gingrich will be talking facts, policy, and history.  And do remember how flustered Obama gets when he is truly challenged.  This promises to get incredibly ugly for the left.  Which is why I just can't get enough of listening to the left talk about how much they welcome Newt as the Republican nominee.  They are either wholly out of touch with reality or . . . or . . . or . . . they are being less than honest in their commentary.  But lord knows, scratch a left wing paper today and you'll find someone on the left, animated apparently by the spirit of bipartisanship, advising conservatives that Newt is unelectable..

On the other side of the coin, Romney's team and his backers have got out the long knives for Gingrich.  Romney tried to coast to the nomination, and now is scrambling to try and stop the Newtmentum that has Romney at 20%  back in the polls.  Moreover, the electability argument that was at the heart of Mitt's campaign is looking very thin indeed as Gingrich's poll numbers now put him in a statistical dead heat with Obama.

At any rate, Newt now has a big target on his back from both the left and the Romneyites.  I expect both to pull out all of the stops.  We will see if they do so with any intellectual honesty.  This should get even more interesting over the next few weeks..  .

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Ex-Dissident said...

In honesty, I would be pleased to see just about anyone in the White House instead of Obama: Newt, Romney, or Cain. I also think it's going to be a tough election and a very dirty election. If Newt is the nominee, Obama will probably pull out Newt's ex's medical records as well as the divorce records to parade in front of the media. If Romney gets to be the nominee, his former gardeners will probably tell stories of how he strangled puppies in the backyard for fun. With Cain, there will be an endless parade of blondes claiming that "he touched them in a bad way." And, the MSM will be even more hysterical and brutal than in 2008. God help us.

GW said...

Yes, well, this is the most important election since 1860. Much like the continued existence of slavery in America was as issue in 1860, the failed policies of the welfare state as well as the utter bankruptcy of identity politics of the left are on the chopping block in 2012. Obama represents the ultimate triumph of these policies, and 2012 represents a referendum on them by America. I expect the far left to lose, and to be sore losers indeed - not to the level of a civil war, but not all that far away from it either.