Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Newt News

Rush on an important consideration in picking the Republican nominee for President.

It bears repeating that in assessing Newt and, particularly his performance as Speaker of the House, one needs to keep at the forefront of their mind the context of the times.  In the mid-90's, the left wing MSM wholly controlled the media and Newt was not merely the left's mortal enemy, but he was demonized to the to a degree not seen again until the emergence of Sarah Palin.  Indeed, it is notable that, in a recent segment of Hardball, Chris Matthews explicitly referred to Gingrich as "evil."  That should give you a feel for just how out-of-control the 90's MSM were in their hatred of Gingrich.

Moreover, to the extent that members of his own party turned on Gingrich at the end, I think it more than likely that they were responding to the unrelenting attacks on Gingrich coupled with the ambition of a few in the party to wrest control from him.  In particular, ask yourself if the Republican party was better served by Gingrich or the disaster that was Tom Delay or the non-entity that was Denny Hastert.

At any rate, I will start keeping a running tally on this blog of Newt-mainia, both pro and con.  It is actually befitting the gravity of this upcoming election that there is so much interest and passion about the Republican nomination.  It is impossible to to over-estimate what is at stake.  Thus it is all the more important to dig through the tons of BS being spewed to get to the nuggets of truth at the bottom.


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