Monday, December 19, 2011

Why I Think Global Warming Is Pure Hokum

Two things making the rounds today go to the heart of why I think the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming is at best, completely untrustworthy, and at worst, pure bull. The first concerns the temperature record - the foundation from which all AGW theory proceeds. One would think that the temperature record is a simple catalog of measurements beyond the reach of bullshitification by the warmies. One would be completely wrong. NOAA is cooking the books of our temperature record all the way back to 1881. They are changing the raw numbers so that the final numbers fed into the Global Historical Network (GHN) give the appearance of global warming. The graph below shows changes made by NOAA to the temperature record. Note that pre-1951 temps have been adjusted downwards, while post-1951 temps have been adjusted upwards.

Curious that.  Read the story here.

The second stake in the heart of AGW theory is that the computer models upon which the warmies rely are predicated on the theory that, as humans pump more CO2 into the air, the world will warm.  Not a one of those models has proven accurate.  Bob Tisdale, posting at Watts Up With That, points out just how far at least one of those models - used by the IPCC - has been off, and why.

The models used by the IPCC for their hindcasts and projections assume that anthropogenic greenhouse gases drove the rise in Sea Surface Temperature anomalies from November 1981 to present. This is illustrated by the model mean, which represents the forced component of the models. . . . But the Sea Surface Temperature anomalies of the East Pacific Ocean (90S-90N, 180-80W) have not risen in 30 years. . . .  And for the Rest-Of-The-World (90S-90N, 80W-180) . . . , the Sea Surface Temperature anomalies only rose during, and in response to, the 1986/87/88, 1997/98, and 2009/10 El NiƱo events. . . .  There is no evidence that anthropogenic greenhouse gases have had any impact on the East Pacific Sea Surface Temperature anomalies (90S-90N, 180-80W) or on the Sea Surface Temperature anomalies for the Rest Of The World (90S-90N, 80W-180).

There needs to be a reckoning.  The people who are fraudulently pushing this scam and who have caused such a drain on the economies of the developed world need to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

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