Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holder Tap Dances Fast & Furiously

If you haven't seen it, do click over to Right Scoop to watch the explosive questioning of Atty. Gen. Eric Holder by Rep. Daryl Issa during today's Fast and Furious hearings.

The point Issa makes, that there have been NO e-mails released from the Atty Gen. himself relevant to Fast & Furious, is simply atrocious. Holder tries to tap dance around it and, in the end, says that some e-mails "might" have been withheld that were part of other ongoing investigations. That is an answer of supreme bull shit - as is any attempt to use the IG investigation as an excuse not to produce Holder's own e-mails. I swear to God, this administration truly is a thugocracy operating outside of the law.

A second point is also worthy of note - Holder's dual incompetence and ignorance defense, paraphrased as "I know nothing, and neither did my direct subordinates because, when they were briefed on this operation, they weren't briefed on any of the tactical specifics and didn't ask," simply doesn't pass the smell test. The particulars of this operation were straightforward, and it does not seem in any way possible to brief on the operation without explaining the specifics. It is long past time to get Eric Holder under oath, along the subordinates we know received briefings on Fast and Furious, and get some answers.

Lastly, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who repeatedly interrupted the questioning in order to buy time for Eric Holder, should have been removed from the Chamber. Hell, she is an abomination who should be censured by the House.


Ex-Dissident said...

It's a question of race, for her.

GW said...

Unfortunately, I think you are right.