Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year . . .

Some interesting posts to close out 2011 and usher in the New Year:

Don Surber surveys the year that was, giving us a scorecard of Good versus Evil. I am happy to say, the Good won out. Let's hope that 2012 is an even better year.

Robert Avrech at Seraphic Secret posts his eclectic list of the best things in 2011, from books to t.v. shows to footwear.

The Daily Gator has a roll-up, half horrifying, half hilarious, of stupid criminal stories from 2011. It is a rouge's gallery indeed.

Sheik Yermami pays tribute to the Sidney tradition of bringing in the New Year with fireworks, and the French Muslim population's tradition of bringing in the New Year by burning over 1,000 cars.

Maggie's Farm posts the only ad Republicans need for 2012. It is Obama and Biden fawning over Jon Corzine.

No Oil For Pacifist's has posted their choice for Cartoon of the Year. It is a history of man's use of energy.

Prof. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has given over his Saturday posts to highlighting those on the left who have thrown out the race card to demonize, delegitimize, and end all attempts at reasoned conversation.  Today, he revisits some of his favorites from the past year as well as cite to several credentialed academics who claim that "attempts to do away with racial preferences and to treat people without regard to skin color is a form of racism." As an aside, I think the best thing that the Obama administration has done for America is to bankrupt the race card.

Gerard Van der Luen at American Digest has the video highlights of 2011.  It's like a train wreck, it is impossible to look away.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air has a roll up of fairly pessimistic predictions for 2012.

And on that note, I'm out'a here.  Happy New Year everyone.  See you in 2012.

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