Monday, December 19, 2011

Holder Playing A Devalued Race Card

This from the Daily Caller:

Attorney General Eric Holder accused his growing chorus of critics of racist motivations in a Sunday interview published in the New York Times. When reached by The Daily Caller Monday morning, the Department of Justice provided no evidence to support the attorney general’s claims.

Holder said some unspecified faction — what he refers to as the “more extreme segment” — is driven to criticize both him and President Barack Obama due to the color of their skin. Holder did not appear to elaborate on who he considered to make up the “more extreme segment.”

“This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him,” Holder said, according to the Times. “Both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.”

Whomever said that the Constitution is the last refuge of the scoundrel had it wrong. Its the use of the race card.

In truth, probably the greatest contribution that the Obama Administration has made to America has been the devaluing of the race card to the point that it is now largely worthless. There was a day when the race card trumped all - when playing the race card would send one's critics scurrying for cover. It grossly distorted our political system for decades. Those days are over. Holder is, at best, incompetent. The fact that he is black is only incidental, and should play no role whatsoever in his treatment. Indeed, is there anyone in America who could possibly think that the charges being raised against Holder have even the smallest iota of basis in racism?

Holder needs to be called to account for making this charge, that it is the color of his skin rather than his incompetence and bias for which he is being called to account. I really want to see Issa go after him on this. I want to see Holder justify his claim. I want to hear Holder justify special treatment on account of his skin color. It is far beyond time that the race card be challenged in all public forums.

Update: Rep. Allen West has weighed in on the above issue:

Florida Republican Rep. Allen West told The Daily Caller on Monday that Attorney General Eric Holder’s use of the race card as a way to attack those who are criticizing him is “reprehensible.”

“I think this is absolutely the last card in the deck, and that shows how weak their ground is,” West said in a phone interview. “But, what that means is they want to make white individuals afraid of continuing to put the pressure on Eric Holder because they don’t want to be seen as racist, and that is something that we have got to move beyond.”


(H/T This Ain't Hell)


Ex-Dissident said...

Criminal sociopaths like Obama and Holder make racists look reasonable.

Ex-Dissident said...

"Indeed, is there anyone in America who could possibly think that the charges being raised against Holder have even the smallest iota of basis in racism?"

Sure, there are lots of racists and folks preoccupied with race issues who will think this to be true. It just reflects their inner selves.

GW said...

True enough. There are many on the left so conditioned to see everything through a racial prism that it is no longer possible to perceive reality.