Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blue Alert [Updated]

Send out the 911, notify all authorities, there are a laundry list of things gone missing from the Democratic National Convention:

- The debt clock is nowhere to be found at the DNC.

Somebody must have stolen it off the wall at the DNC. Fortunately, for those of us viewing Fox News, Bret Baer had a handy dandy debt clock in the corner of the screen and yes, how appropriate that it should trip over the $16,000,000,000,000.00 mark just as the DNC convenes. It is a Democrat milestone as Obama has compiled more debt under his watch than Bush in two terms and more than any previous President of the U.S., from Washington to Clinton combined.

I am not sure who the guy is in the video below, but on the issue of this insane accumulation of debt . . .

. . . I agree with him 100%.

- Mention of God in the Democratic platform. [SEE UPDATE BELOW]

Yes, for the first time in the history of the Democratic Party, all mention of God has been scrubbed from the Democratic platform.  This should not surprise anyone. The radical left has been at war with religion since prior to the founding of our country, and it is the radical left that now controls the Democratic Party. This is one more incremental step in what has been a "march of a thousand miles," to quote Mao (how appropriate), to remove religion, and in particular Christianity, from the American public square.

- Mention of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in the Democratic platform. {SEE UPDATE BELOW]

To my Jewish Democratic friends, no cause for worry. Its not like Democrats do not fully support Israel.  Oh, and the Democratic platiform also strips language from previous platforms calling for the isolation of Hamas, calling for Palestinian refugees only be returned to a Palestinian state, not Israel, and strips language that dismissed any demand for a return to the 1949 borders.  And if you don't think the Palestinians and Iranians haven't picked up on this signal, you are living in a fantasy land.  Many more friends to Israel like Obama and the Democrat left and future maps will be showing Israel overstamped with an expiration date.

- Obama Supporters

Long gone are the adoring crowds fighting for a chance to hear THE ONE make his acceptance speech. Four years ago, 84,000 showed up in Denver to worship at the feet of HE who would heal the planet and slow the rise of the oceans. Now, the Dems are "desperately" scrambling to bus in enough people from NC and surrounding states to fill the stands for The One's 2012 acceptance speech. And if there aren't enough rent a mobs to do the trick, the alternative is to move the speech to a 20,000 person indoor venue and justify the change because of the potential for inclement weather - after all, it's supposed to be partly cloudy and 75 degrees on Thursday in Charlotte.

And last but not least, there is the most important thing of all missing from the DNC . . .

- Leadership

Well, effective leadership at least. Our Community Organizer In Chief has, in the preceding near four years, led us to the worst recovery since WWII and has us poised on the brink to sink far lower. Now Obama says he wants four more years because he hasn't "finished the job" yet.

Curiously enough, that was my reaction too.

UPDATE: The radical left displayed too much of their beliefs to the public with the original platform, adopted in toto last night. So, less than 24 hours later, the DNC has forced through an amendment.

The amendment restores mention of God and acknowledges Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Now, if you think this reflects how the radical left that dominates today's Democratic Party thinks, think again. Watch the video below. If that was a 2/3rd's affirmative vote to adopt the amendment, then Obama is a small government, free market capitalist. I would imagine you would have to go back to the old Soviet Politburo to see democracy practiced like that.

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