Saturday, September 1, 2012

Preparing To Answer The Left's DNC Mantras

According to WaPo, next week's DNC will be a blame-Bush-apalooza, at least in between updates on the war on women (i.e., the wholly irrational and unfair refusal of people to willingly and fully fund Sandra Fluke's sex life).

At any rate, expect to hear the following mindless mantras repeated ad infinitum next week:

- Do we "want to return to the very same policies that brought on the crisis in the first place?".


- "Wall Street greed"


- "Deregulation"

The Romney response to them should be simple - if Obama and the left are right about the causes of our economic problems, then their solutions should have righted our economy by now, or at least have us on a clear path to recovery, just like in every other recession we have had in the past 65 years. Yet, instead of recovery, we are circling the drain.

And of course, if Romney feels the need to elaborate any more, he can point to any of the following. IBD opined yesterday, "the Obama recovery can only be graded as a tremendous failure — as it has produced the worst rate of economic growth of any recovery in the past 65 years." And as the Economist noted this week, "three million more Americans are out of work than four years ago, and [our] national debt is $5 trillion bigger." And there is no relief in sight. On the horizon are hundreds of billions in tax increases to fund Obamacare, an explosion in regulations between Dodd Frank and an EPA at war with our energy sector. Then there is the biggie, the combination of Medicare and Social Security that will swallow our economy in a decade or so if not reformed.

Just keep the responses simple and loud. Let no repetition of the mantras go unanswered. Do that and by any measure, this should be Republicans election to lose.

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