Thursday, September 27, 2012

Warring On The Kulaks

The prog war on the Kulaks - and their desire for global governance - continues apace. This from Breitbart:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative Monday "One of the issues I have been preaching about around the world is collecting taxes in an equitable manner, especially from the elites in every country," Clinton said. “It is a fact that around the world the elites of every country are making money. There are rich people everywhere, and yet they do not contribute to the growth of their own countries.”

This is pure class warfare as perfected by Lenin. The difference between the rich in a capitalist system and the rich in the world of progressives is that the latter are hand picked and favored. Its not, at least in America, that the rich don't pay their "fair share," the top 5% are shouldering, what, something like 50% of the total income tax burden. Its that the progs, like the Hildabeast, want a bigger cut, and more importantly, they want to use class warfare to increase their own power.

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