Friday, September 7, 2012

Humor From The DNC

Lots of things to bring a smile to one's face from the DNC . . . at least if you are not a Democrat. First up:

The economic wunderkind's at the DNC consider whether it would be a good idea to ban all corporate profits. It is funny until you realize that these people both vote and breed.

Then the Daily Show invites Democrats to demonstrate their famed "tolerance" towards others.

And thank God for videotape, as now can endlessly replay the spectacle of the DNC organizers ramming through a change to the Democrat platform with at least half of the delegates to the Convention booing the move to restore mention of God and mention of Israel as the capital of Jerusalem in the platform. The disorder was comic, though what this says about radicals in control of the modern Democratic Party is a tad more sobering.

Obama came into office on the promise of 'healing the racial divide.' Instead, he and his administration have, virtually from day one, fully embrace identity politics. Thus, is anyone surprised to find a large number of DNC delegates sporting a spiffy blue button with a naked appeal to voting on skin color?

And the very last joke out of the DNC was played on the rule of law. As J Christian Adams recounts at PJM: The “Ride for Justice” bus from “No Papers, No Fear” rolled into Charlotte to keep the fiasco humming. This outfit is an illegal alien pressure group. Yes, in 2012, we now have open and well-funded organizations representing people committing crimes. In fact, the bus was full of illegal aliens openly touting their illegal status! Naturally, they were welcomed with open arms by the DNC because they are supporting President Obama’s lawless immigration policies. Local authorities arrested ten of them outside the convention for state crimes and turned them over to federal authorities, who then promptly released them. Lawlessness has become policy.

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