Thursday, September 27, 2012

Progressive Freedom of Speech - Only For Me, Not For Thee

Only speech that they agree with is to be allowed. In the video below, Egyptian-American activist and frequent MSNBC guest Mona Eltahawy tries to obliterate a pro-Israeli poster, citing complete justification for doing so on the grounds of her own freedom of speech.

(H/T Hot Air)


Ex-Dissident said...

I see vandalism and assault. Since that ad cost more than 250 to put up, this case of vandalism classifies as a felony in NY state. Assault is also applicable and that makes Mona a double felon. I hope she gets tossed in jail promptly and stays there.

GW said...

Precisely. But instead, we have the NYT Transit Authority now banning the ad because it can cause violence. Is it going to take law abiding people to become violent before this insanity rights itself?