Monday, September 10, 2012

Ryan Appears On Face The Lib Media

Paul Ryan, on CBS's Face The Nation yesterday, patiently explained to Norah O’Donnell that Obama's claim to holding out a bi-partisan fig leaf and that the budget impasse has been caused by Republicans does not comport with reality. Ryan really does hold back - were I him, I would have reminded O'Donnell how Obama demagogued the Ryan budget proposal in front of the cameras some months ago. But as Ryan did note, Obama says one thing, but then does another. I think that pretty much sums up Obama in toto.

Nice Deb has much more on this interview, including O'Donnell parroting the latest talking points from the DNC, that Ryan is being hypocritical for opposing defense cuts as part of sequestration when he voted in favor of the bill. Ms. O'Donnell, who clearly understands what Ryan is saying, nonetheless focuses on the talking points like a good little Obama stooge. Do visit Nice Deb for the entire discussion.

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