Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rahm Caves To The Teachers Union In Chicago

It appears that Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel has caved in to the Teachers Union in order to end the seven day old strike. The offer made to the Teachers Union, and which they have now accepted, includes:

- Suspensions without pay are eliminated
- The board must promote racial diversity in hiring
- Regarding the rehiring of laid-off teachers, now 50% of new hires must come from the laid-off pool.
- The student survey is removed from teacher evaluations (except in special circumstance)
- Merit pay rejected
- 16 percent average pay raise over four years

So the people of Chicago will continue to pay ever greater sums to underworked, overpaid and underperforming public school teachers who will not be held to objective standards of performance. I call this one a complete victory for the Teachers Union and another huge loss for the children and tax payers of Chicago. I was surprised that a Decomcrat would even start to take on a Teachers Union, given that such public sector unions form the financial foundation of the Democrat Party. I am not surprised with the outcome, particularly given that the last thing Obama and Emanuel want at this point, this close to the general election, is the public focusing on Chicago and the corruption of public sector unions.

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