Friday, September 21, 2012

My Name Is Mitt Romney . . . & President Obama Approved This Message

The above ad, from the Obama administration, is currently playing in Pakistan. Romney really should start playing this embarrassing ad in the U.S. This apology for free speech by someone in the U.S. really sums up Obama's Middle East policy and its utter failure.

As I wrote in a post earlier today:

[T]he last thing we should be doing is silencing the criticism of Islam, let alone apologizing for it as a nation.

Our government stance must always be that people have the right to peacefully practice whatever faith they choose inside of our borders free of government sanction. But our Constitutional responsibilities end there. It does not require us to refrain from criticizing a religion mired in the 7th century, that causes bloodshed on a grand scale, that maintains itself by the sword, and that wishes to conquer by the sword. I do not know if Obama actually does not understand that, or whether he is too afraid of kicking the hornets' nest, or whether this is simply the natural result of a drift into anti-semitism and pro-Arab sympathies by those on the left generally.

And as I pointed out in another post today, the Obama ad hasn't exactly tamped down the violence in the Pakistan. To the contrary, after the Obama ad posted in Pakistan, the violence has become significantly worse, with 19 people dying in anti-American violence. Is anyone, other than perhaps the Obama administration, surprised?

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