Saturday, February 9, 2008

Coming to Obama & The Ascension of the Huckster

Its Obamamania in Nebraska, Washington and Louisiana, as Clinton gets crucified. On the Republican side, the Huckster takes Kansas and Louisiana, while McCain has a small lead in Washinton state.

As much as I would love to watch the Democrats go to a contested convention on Labor Day, I think there is a good chance that the writing is on the wall. Obama swept the three primaries held today winning Nebraska 68% to 32%, Washington state 68% to 31%, and Louisiana 56% to 37%. None of the races were close. The delgate count among Democrats is now approximately even. I do not know what the national polls are saying, but Obamimania is a mindless force at this point, and I will be surprised if Clinton can pull this out. I think the Tuesday "Potomac" primary of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. will be crucial.

On the Republican side, the Huckster won Kanasa easily and Louisiana by a small margin. He trails slightly in Washington. Now this really is irony of the highest order. The people suffering McCain Derangement Syndrome because of McCain's alledged lack of conservative credentials are apparently buying the Huckster's snake oil and treating him as the conservative alternative. The irony of course is that, while Huckabee is off the charts as a social conservative, he is anything but a fiscal and foreign policy conservative.

Fox News has a thorough breakdown of the voting by demographic.

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