Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 19 Primaries

John McCain has been projected the winner in Wisconsin over Huckabee - And Fox calls it for Obama in Wisconsin. Saint Obama is in Texas and is calling making the call for his acolytes to vote early, if not often. Michael Barone is seeing bad news going forward for Hillary in the demographics of Obama's voters and is looking at a blowout for Obama in the final numbers.

McCain's speech was a promise to reign in out of control spending and forcefully prosecute the war on terror. As to Obama, McCain said he articulates "an eloquent and empty call for change" and that what he is asking Americans to do in voting for him is to take a "holiday from history" and place their faith in an ideology that emphasizes government over the individual.

I sat through the entirety of Obama's 45 minute speech in Houston. I will give an analysis later. What is below are my notes from his speech.

Obamas Speech: He defines change as coming together for "a common purpose, a higher purpose."

He hits at NAFTA and free trade.

The mortgage bubble has been caused by evil predatory lenders.

He calls upon the name of a dead soldier - and defines "serving our military" as bringing our soldiers home from Iraq and giving them benefits.

Obama is calling on Dr. King and running because of the "fierce urgency of now." That is why he can't wait until he has more experience.

All America are victims to . . . . . inflation. Yes, prices rise in accordance to inflation.

Our children are unable to compete in an international economy.
Promises to . . .

better schools

more jobs,

better pay

end war in Iraq

American people are hungry for a uniter. His politics are not spin or PR, its "truth and straight talk."

Change in America comes from the bottom up.

If we can only get beyond divisions in politics and hold hands, challenge special interests in Washington . . . . . everything is possible. Why can't we all just be friends. Let's move forward into a better tomorrow.

Are you really ready for change. Because if you are ready for change, we can tell the lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda for our nation are over.

National health care is coming. Socialized medicine. Its coming in his first term.

If you are ready for change, we can restore balance to our economy. Attacks CEO pay. And tax breaks for CEO's.

No tax breaks to businesses going overseas.

Roll back tax cuts to wealthy and give it to people under 75k.

Raise minimum wage every year. No one will be poor in Barackamerica.

He promises to educate children from the moment of birth until they graduate from school. Every child is our problem. Every child is our responsibility. Invest in early childhood education.

No more standardized tests. Now we learn art music, science, literature, social studies.

Subsidize college for everyone. Community service or peace corps . . . . or . . . anything but the military?

If you are ready for change, we can have an energy policy that makes sense. We are going to cap green house gases and tax polluters to finance alternative energy. We are going to raise fuel efficiency standards.

We can join together the concept that we are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. People here must have path to citizenship.

9 Billion a month in Iraq. He would use that to fund all of his social programs.

Foreign policy that will lead to renewed respect. He will not hesitate to strike against those who do us harm. He will properly care for and train our troops and care for them when they come home.

The War in Iraq was unwise. We need to be fighting just in Afghanistan. It fanned the flames of anti-American sentiment. He will pull us out of Iraq in 2009.

He wants to end the mindset that got us into war. End the politics based on fear. No more using 9-11 for votes. He will meet with our friends and our enemies.

Obamas foreign policy, his willingness to talk, will solve the world's ills.

We will lead on climate change. We will end genocide in Darfur. We will lead on AIDS.

Close Guantanamo and restore habeaus corpus to all prisioners.

We do not need the "same old folks doing the same old things" in Washington.

Real change is only possible with new people in Congress.

Obama will reach out to everybody for change.

McCain is the party of yesterday's ideas. Obama is the party of tomorrow.

Hope is not blind optimism. It is not being ignorant of the challenges between you and your dreams. He knows how hard all of the things he has promised will be . . .

Hope is how the greatest generation defeated facism and lifted itself up. . . . .

Vote for me and we will join together and change the world.

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