Tuesday, February 12, 2008

McCain & Obama Sweep The Potomac

McCain and Obama sweep the primaries in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. Huckaboom failed to fire. Clinton got clobbered worse than the C.S.A. at Antietam.


The Republicans:

McCain convincingly defeated Huckabee in all three primaries held today: Virginia (50% to 41%); Maryland (56% to 30%); and Washington D.C. (68% to 17%). McCain now has 812 delegates of the 1,191 needed to lock up the Republican nomination. He will likely reach the magic number in March, and possibly as early as March 4. The base seems to be uniting behind McCain.

The Democrats:

Obama crushed Clition by margins of up to 50% in the three primaries held today: Virginia (64% to 35%); Maryland (62% to 35%); and Washington D.C. (75% to 24%). It takes 2,025 delegates to wrap up the Democratic nomination. Obama now has a slight lead in consideration of both elected delegates and committed superdelegates with a total of 1,208 to Hillary Clintons 1,185.


1. I don't think Hillary can overcome Obamimania. He is now eating into her demographics. Her only hope is the Rudy strategy - to hope that she can withstand the bleeding until the Texas and Ohio primaries in March. And we saw how well the Rudy strategy worked for Rudy.

2. Obamamania is a toxic combination of an inspirational speaker, identity politics and liberal guilt. His positions do not matter to those responding to his rhetoric, nor do his lack of any experience or complete lack of any accomplishments. In that sense, Obama is the penultimate affirmative action candidate.

3. On paper, McCain should walk all over Obama in the general election. But between the insane MDS and the Obamamania cult of personality, McCain could very easilly lose this election without a very effective strategy to put Obama on the defensive and show that the emporer has no clothes. And critical to this, McCain needs money, money, money. The one thing the far left does well is raise money for their favored candidates. And Soros will be spending a lot of cash this election cycle. If Republicans don't step up with not only their vote and support, but with their cash, McCain will not win the general election.

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