Sunday, February 17, 2008

Interesting News & Posts - 17 February 2008

Interesting news and posts of late from across the blogosphere, all below the fold.

From Patrick at Ankle Biting Pundits: "Eventually, the shine will come off of Sen. Obama’s vapid and puerile campaign. Eventually, someone in the press will ask him a challenging question. When that day comes, this messiah business will evanesce and left standing there will be just another liberal politician."

And RightTruth has the story on Obama’s attempt to pass some seriously costly legislation. Its Obama’s plan to feed the world with fish and loaves – and our tax dollars. The water to wine bill is still in committee.

From the Jawa Report: When the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious." Quod. Erat. Demonstrandum. I quibble with the label "liberal" as the modern left has left classical liberalism in the dust. I think it more accurate to refer to the folk described above as progressive.

And you can see the progressive mind amply demonstrated at Red Alerts in the story of Bernie Ward, liberal lion and vociferous critic of our troops.

I have been saying for years that there is nothing of "classical liberalism" in the modern "progressive"left. You only find classical liberal principles valued and upheld on the conservative side of the house these days. From the left, you get "intellectual terrorism." Some thoughts on this at Covenant Zone.

See Blonde Sagacity’s Blog Rollup. There are pics from the Berkley City Council protest, the Top Ten Economic Myths of 2007, funny chicks, and much, much more. And at Iris Elk, an eclectic roll-up, from Chavez’s favorite capybara recipe to musings upon whether a Catholic can be a Democrat.

Seraphic Secret has more on the complex operation that was the Mughnieyah hit, and a suggestion that Mughnieyah was killed to forestall future terrorist operations in Europe. And from MK, the BBC apparently cannot distinguish who the bad guys are. Here is a rule of thumb, the folks described by Crusader Rabbit who kill innocents or threaten to do so in order to get their way – they are the bad guys. And insane bad guys at that. Perhaps they might try viagra before going straight to the beheadings for witchcraft.

Over at Political Insecurity, the animals are on the loose. Muslim students in Nigeria attempt to lynch a Christian student because they were angry at the Mohammed Cartoons. They ended up rioting, killing several people and burning a police station.

And at Shield of Achilles, the animals are on the loose in Denmark. Is anybody watching? Sheik Yer Mami informs us that the problem in Denmark is actually global warming. The multiculturalists are fiddling while f*** Rome burns.

And at Lionheart, the animals are on video on the loose in Luton.

It has been apparent for years, with leak after leak finding its way onto the NYT, that our intelligence agencies are out of control and seeking to influence policy. As Michael Rubin reports, these rogue acts reached their zenith in the drafting of the NIE on Iran’s nuclear weapons program – an NIE that even our spy chief Mitch McConnell admits was inaccurate.

Multiculturalism is destroying Britain. Will it destroy America. Ask the Velvet Hammer.

Its nice to see someone on the right who finds Ann Coulter as tedious and ridiculous as I, though I admit to laughing at the "coherent tax policy" line. And while I had considered Lieberman as a running mate to McCain – and I happen to greatly respect Lieberman – I think that someone with strong economic credentials, such as Romney, might be a better choice.

Sometimes, fiction is stranger than . . . well, fiction.

All laws come with unintended consequences, though many are foreseeable. Though, I have to admit, I did not see this one: How long will it be before some enterprising American plaintiff . . . files a complaint alleging that calls for affirmative action at his or her institution have created a hostile working environment?

Painting: The above painting is "Leonidas at Thermopylae" Jacques-Louis David, 1814.


Velvet Hammer said...

Wow what an eclectic round up. Nice touch with the "Leonidas at Thermopylae" image. You are a class act.

Thanks for the link GW and for the visits. Always happy to see you over at my place.

GW said...

Madame, I have a penchant for red-heads with attitude, and particularly ones who are excellent bloggers. Thus, coming from you, your compliments are a high honor. Thanks . . . and I try to visit every other day.