Monday, February 11, 2008

The Danger of Turkey

Turkey's Prime Minister spoke yesterday to a large crowd of Turkish ex-patriates in Germany and told them to resist assimilation into the West. Turkey is being slowly Islamicized and is no longer a secular nation.


Political Islam - synonomous with Wahhabi Salafi Islam, is a threat to the West. And, as I have noted before, its corrosive effects can be seen ever more starkly influencing Islam throughout the world, including in Turkey. As Mark Steyn has written extensively, while Europe has thrown open its doors to Muslim migration, Salafi and Salafi influenced Muslim leaders promote seperatism and advocate the establishment of Sharia law and Muslim rule. Add Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan to the list.

A crowd of 16,000 expatriate Turks cheered Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a vast indoor auditorium in Germany on Sunday as he told them to resist assimilation into the West.

The political rally by Germany's biggest ethnic minority upset German politicians, who objected to a major public event on German soil being advertised on posters in Turkish only.

Erdogan indirectly addressed those concerns, saying it was right for Turkish immigrants to learn German and other languages so they could integrate, but wrong to abandon their Turkish heritage and assimilate.

"Assimilation is a crime against humanity," he told the crowd. Many Turks had travelled from France, Belgium and the Netherlands to hear his hour-long address in the shiny venue, the Koelnarena.

"I can well understand that you are against assimilation," he said. "It is important to learn German, but your Turkish language should not be neglected."

He said ethnic Turks abroad should be more confident in standing up for their interests, and should win election as mayors and members of European national parliaments.

The prime minister called for a swift inquiry to find the causes of a fire a week ago that killed nine Turkish people in the German city of Ludwigshafen.

Erdogan was lionized by other speakers at the event, organized by the Union of European Turkish Democrats, a group that supports his moderate Islamist AKP party.

. . . Outside, bearded members of the audience spoke politely to an elderly woman protester, Vera Villinger, who wore a scarf in German colours and claimed Islam was taking over Germany.

Read the article. Under no circumstances should Turkey be granted full entrance into the EU - a move that would flood Europe with Muslims and put a stake into the last vesitges of Western culture, values and ideals. It would quite literally be opening the gates of Troy and dragging in the Trojan horse. That analogy is all the more ironic since Troy's probable location was in modern day Turkey.

(H/T Shield of Achilles)

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